(upbeat music) – Hi guys, and welcome
to The Family Fudge. And welcome to part
three of my What to Buy at Trader Joe’s series. Now, in previous videos I shared with you my top five frozen items and my top five sweet treats, but in
today’s video I’m gonna share my top five healthier options. (upbeat music) Now I say healthier,
but I totally understand that my idea of healthy may not be yours so to each their own on that. Okay guys, now before we get started, make sure to hit that red subscribe button if you haven’t already and give this video a big thumbs up if you like Trader Joe’s. Now, let’s get started. Now when it comes to
healthier snack options at Trader Joe’s, you
can actually find some that are sweet and some that are salty. So I’m gonna show you both. And of course I will save my
most favorite item for last. One thing that I definitely
love at Trader Joe’s is their huge selection of hummus. They have so many different flavors. They have spicy, garlic,
tomato basil, and many more. These small ones were only 1.99 each, and this one that’s slightly
larger, which is about 2.49. Next up I have these guys. Now, I’m not quite sure
what these are called. The packaging just says
Nothing but Fruit & Nuts and basically that is true. That’s all it is. This one is dates, hazelnuts, and cacao, and this one is apricots and almonds. Each one of these packages
have eight in here and they come in a little
container like this. So if you’re craving something sweet but you don’t wanna reach for chocolate or something really bad,
these are a good alternative. So they’re a little bit
sweet, a little bit chewy. There’s a little bit of
crunch in there from the nuts. And these are 3.99 per
bag, but it’s definitely a healthier on-the-go treat. Next up, I have some yogurt. Now, Trader Joe’s has a
huge selection of yogurt, all different styles,
all different flavors. You have some that are non-fat, some that are full-fat, but
I really like this new one. This is the Icelandic-style
strawberry non-fat yogurt. Now, as you can probably
tell, this Icelandic yogurt is somewhere
between the consistency of Greek yogurt and regular yogurt. And this one’s especially good because it’s not overly sweet. Some yogurts they add a lot of sweetness to and this one doesn’t, so
it’s a little bit healthier. This yogurt is 1.49. Next up, I have a snack that
is both salty and sweet. This is the lite kettle corn, and I like that it comes in individual
bags that’s already portioned out for me. This one has 50% less
fat than your regular kettle corn would. And so you could have this
entire bag for just 120 calories. It is super-tasty. I highly recommend it. Now, at Trader Joe’s
you can buy this in one large bag, but I like to
buy the six individual bags. These are 2.99. Okay guys, now my number
one favorite healthy snack from Trader Joe’s are
the roasted coconut chips. Now this is just basically
young coconut milk and it’s roasted with a
touch of salt and sugar. I’m a big fan of anything
coconut, but these ones are a little bit better for you because they’re dry-roasted
with no added oils and, like I said, just a hint of salt and they’re lightly sweetened. This coconut is from Thailand. So these are great for
just snacking on plain but they’re also good
on salad or ice cream. Yeah, very tasty. And this bag was 1.99. Okay guys, thank you so
much for joining me today. Now let me know in the comments down below what are your favorite healthier snacks from Trader Joe’s ’cause
I’d definitely like to give them a try if
they don’t taste bad. Now, if you’d like to
check out my other videos in this series where I
talk about frozen foods and my favorite sweet
treats, you can click on the links over here. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time.