What I Eat in a Day – Updated 2019 Diet Plan 🍗🥒

[Music] hey guys so today I thought I’d share with you my meal plan what I eat in a day just because I haven’t updated that in a while on YouTube so here it goes right now it is 1100 a.m. I haven’t eaten anything yet and about to have my brunch which is a salad and so you’ll see here that my protein source is salmon and then I have a whole bunch of variety of different kinds of things so a lot of variety my salad and a lot of nutrition so this is my salad I’ve got some spinach I’ve got broccoli which is so amazing beets cucumber I’ve got some olives I’ve got some Brussels sprouts and then salmon and so a lot of nutrition in this salad and always I get the dressing on the side so I can be conscious about how much dressing I’m using and this dressing is just olive oil with garlic and lemon so I don’t like to use a lot of the processed salad dressings with preservatives and all that so this is a good one so this should satisfy me until about 2 o’clock all right it is 2 o’clock now and I’m definitely feeling a bit hungry so I’m gonna walk over to Whole Foods which is about a 10-minute walk for me so it’s pretty close and get some food I’m not sure I’d get probably a salad but maybe something else more exciting and then get back to work can I’m still wearing my waist belts all right see in Tibet okay so we’ve got some soup here and I was intrigued by the coconut vegetable sticks out but look at the sugar there’s so I don’t want sugar added some ice see here six grams of sugar her sir being there is 18 grams of sugar in this whole thing okay so I got this smoothie which is a cutie but I got it without the strawberries I don’t have any sugar you know sugar so it has almond butter it has spinach celery it has and lemon but it’s not that it doesn’t taste that good but it’s good for you and I got a salad so I just do what’s in the bag well this is the deodorant I get it is amazing it works so well and it’s all natural it’s usually really hard to find a natural deodorant that is going to work mm-hmm often times they just don’t work this one is has no aluminum no propylene glycol and no artificial fragrance so it’s called Schmidt’s they have different kinds of cents this is it I’ve never tried this one before but it smells nice and it’s pink and yeah I just want to share this with you because I’m definitely a huge advocate of switching to a natural deodorant I don’t think it’s healthy to have aluminum in that area and near the breast and this works just as well so and also we need to sweat you know you don’t want to be stopping the sweat you want to allow your poor sweat cause guess what sweating is it’s releasing toxins so whenever you sweat you’re releasing toxins and when you stop it with deodorant then you’re holding those toxins in your body and that’s not healthy so this basically just makes your sweat smell nice you know what I could make a salad at home and I used to but now I just feel like I don’t have the time and plus there’s so many different ingredients in here if I were to make them myself it would take me a lot longer so this is what my salad looks like so I’ve got cucumbers Brussels sprouts olives pumpkin see it’s yellow butternut-squash chicken kale and spinach and celery and walnuts so basically the same thing as I had for lunch I’m on a really strict diet right now not as I’m looking to lose weight although I probably well but more so for health and these are just all foods that are just known not to cause inflammation in the bodies so my goal was to decrease inflammation and this is where to start so I didn’t end up eating that salad at lunch for some reason I just wasn’t that hungry but I met my friend’s house now and we’re about to have a drink this is my friend Chris yeah yeah as you know drinking pop isn’t healthy um so we found a great alternative these are actually organic herbal tinctures and they taste just like pop or soda and you just mix it with soda water and they have all different flavors they’re amazing you can get them on longevity warehouse calm and there’s like spray flavor there’s cherry cola root beer vanilla Cola Cola they’re awesome highly recommended yeah so we’re gonna try that I’m really excited because before having this um she taught me about C BIA and you guys to know that I was talking about OSU is a great alternative to soda and it is but this is an even better option so yeah especially because this actually has superfoods in it like this is so much reishi and all different all different types of herbs like they really are healthy right and then you’re not getting the aluminum can with the CBO’s right so and I honestly I think the natural flavors and these are gonna be higher-quality inorganic whereas CBO’s are not our todos yeah that’s awesome and I just saw you have some probiotics and enzymes in here I just did an interview with Wade talking about how I always take these probiotics into these enzymes every single day because they’re the most powerful ones out there and if you’re not already having like adding probiotics and enzymes to your diet it’s a must so link them down below for you guys as well but yes so we’re gonna try that out it’s just regular soda water right yep and then we’re gonna try the one that’s kind of like sprite lemon-lime and I find what this size to drop or pulse is good but for a whole can usually at three or four yeah and it smells getting here what are you making we’re having ground bison and pastured and we’re having squash Wow and then some steamed shirt they love having it with grass-fed ghee and apple cider vinegar on amazing yeah thank you can’t wait to dive in my first sip of this that I’m not even kidding you a taste like Mountain Dew in my opinion oh yeah do Mountain Dew right it dives it is that’s crazy so and you’re having the cooler way mmm you guys have to try this I’m gonna order some tomorrow for sure this is so cool like I just discovered something amazing by the way Christians really really healthy if you guys haven’t noticed she’s like a zebra she’s actually she did a fitness competition and she is a fitness coach and you know maybe you can say better by three years um I got six so I got really into holistic health and you know like natural health so yeah I’m on a sugar free program and I’m just sharing Tatiana some of the treats that I have that are sugar-free but that are still a treat to go along with this lifestyle so I love these it’s actually sugar-free raw chocolate it’s sweetened with stevia and erythritol which is an alcohol sugar mm-hmm so those are good and then also I love these these are little chocolates with superfoods in them but and they have like 5 or 4 grams of sugar for the entire bar so if you want to just have like a little bit here and there you know a little easy and where do you get these I got these at erawan but I don’t go in them online cool so what was this one called yes cacao yes awesome yeah and sorry if your honor if you’re already having a lot of sugar and you eat these type of they’re not gonna taste good but once you start to kind of ease your way out of sugar and then you change your palate cleanser dye let your taste buds change totally and then they become sweet to you yeah sugar is totally addictive you know so yeah each sugar you’re just gonna want more whereas if you cut it out of your diet and you make sure you get enough protein then you’re just not gonna crave it anymore but it does take a little bit of time yeah yeah and speaking of sugar I just watched the other day a documentary about sugar it’s called the sugar film have you seen that no okay it’s really good it’s um an Amazon documentary so I guess there’s starting to see movies now and it’s really good and it kind of opened my eyes a lot to the hidden sugars you know I don’t add sugar to my food I don’t add sugar my diet I’m pretty healthy but even like everything you know kids lunchboxes juice boxes everything has hidden sugars that you don’t think are you know they’re and they’re adding you know pounds to your your body or you’re gaining weight from them and they’re just making you so unhealthy you just don’t even realize it so I definitely recommend watching that Thank You chef Krista it’s been welcome you want some apple cider vinegar on the chart sure I like that with gianopolous vinegar and would it be having the tops we have bone broth with some Iraqis seaweed which is apparently amazing again gonna be a healthy dinner good morning guys so it is the next day the morning time that’s all I ate for that day and it felt really good helpful you know eventually your taste buds view adapt to this type of food and also your stomach you know you might be eating a lot more than that now but once you start eating like that literally then eventually that is going to fill you up as well and because it’s so much nutrition and the food that I’m eating so much fiber nutrients there you’re gonna get full faster because your body is getting everything it means so it’s not you know releasing hunger hormones signaling you to get more nutrition because the foods that you’re eating are like empty calories right so the more nutrient-dense your foods are the the full marks whole you’re gonna be and it’s great and so and I’m heading to the gym right now Watty to Gold’s Gym for a really great workout and I’m gonna probably have some more meal today hey guys if you liked this video click here to subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell symbol to get notifications when I’ve got a new video and click here to continue watching videos with me