Vitamin D: A Critical Supplement | Science and Benefits | Andrew Lessman ProCaps

[Music] I always said that I would never say I told you so but if I were ever going to do that it would likely be about vitamin D I started my company 38 years ago even in my multivitamins 38 years ago when the RDA was 200 or 400 IU we offered a thousand I you a thousand I you was our minimum level of vitamin D why because of the science because it was already clear at that point in time that the levels of vitamin D in the American popular population were deficient or insufficient there is no adequate dietary source of vitamin D our only opportunity to produce vitamin D is from sunlight and as we get older we do that very poorly and very inefficiently moreover poured out of the Sun that much plus we add sunscreen to the equation so we really do not have an opportunity to produce adequate amounts of vitamin D even if you use the levels the blood levels that are established in the medical community for what’s a healthy vitamin D level which I think are about half as high as they should be but even if you use those minimal levels and you look at folks who are not supplementing vitamin D in this country depending on the research you’ll be between 80 to 100 percent and I believe if you’re not supplementing it’s pretty close to 100 percent of the population is deficient or insufficient in vitamin D so it’s something I’ve spoken about for 38 years if you’ve used my products even just one of my multivitamins you are already getting a good amount of vitamin D but it’s now clear that 1000 to 2000 IU that really is just the starting point that the proper level to supplement is more like two to four thousand IU daily and if we’re overweight which the majority of Americans are overweight or obese because vitamin D is unfortunately sequestered trapped in body fat it means that you have to supplement even more vitamin D to achieve achieve the same blood level again because that vitamin D gets trapped in your body fat so yet another benefit for being at a more optimum weight is that it’s easier and more of words to be more common that you’re going to have a healthy vitamin D level so it does I think enhanced the credibility of my company that’s something today that has become such a buzzword such a watchword and we hear constant Auk about an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency a pandemic worldwide of vitamin D insufficiency that we have been talking about I personally have been talking about it for 38 years you could watch my shows on television for from almost 30 years ago and hear me speak to this so it is incredibly important I’m often asked what’s the single most important nutrient anyone can supplement I would say vitamin D probably a good idea to get it in a multivitamin because then you get b12 as well in a proper form and button all the B complex and vitamin C as you do say with our multivitamins but vitamin D because of the role in our body the multitude of roles it plays in our body it’s not just a vitamin it actually functions a bit like a hormone so vitamin G just plays so many different roles whether it’s in our nervous system cardiovascular system it’s the list goes on and on and on that we don’t want to move through life having suboptimal having inadequate levels of vitamin D so again vitamin d3 is the proper form but once again it’s something that we really need to focus on we really must be aware of and as I’ve been saying for a few decades when you’re at your doctor’s office and you’ll find out your cholesterol level your blood sugar level and all those important things like blood pressure and all the things that are a direct impact on the core a direct indication of our health we also must know our vitamin D levels and as I often say it should be above 50 and it should be between 60 and 80 ideal you