Training with Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman – [SD]

♪♪♪ My name is Ronnie Coleman and
I’m an 8-time Mr. Olympia and current IFBB pro, and I’m
here today to tell you guys more about my training,
nutrition and supplementation. ♪♪♪ Real quick before we get
into that, let me tell you a bit more about me. I got into bodybuilding and
I did it working full time as a police officer. ♪♪♪ It kind of goes
back to growing up. When I was a kid, you know, my
mom pretty much had a strict regimen that we followed. Before she went to work, she
just laid out everything she wanted us to do
before she came back. When we went to school, we had
to come home and do our homework right away, you know, before we
went out and played and stuff. If it wasn’t done
when she got back, you was in a lot of trouble. A hard head makes
a real soft behind. Just been–just followed
me all throughout my life. I’ve been training all my
life and I had a pretty good background in just training
but, you know, not training as a bodybuilder but just training,
just to keep in shape and training for football and
training for the college team and that kind of stuff. I went to college for 4 years
and got my degree, it was a BS degree in accounting and kind
of graduated with honors and everything, so I was at
the top of the class. Couldn’t wait to get out
of school so I could get a job in accounting. So I’d go out and I’d
put in probably about at least a thousand resumes. I’d get called on some
interviews and the thing that they wanted most, I didn’t
have and that was experience. So I was bored so a
buddy of mine said, “Oh, I’m going to Dallas.” I’m like, “Okay, I’ll go out
there with you ’cause I ain’t got nothing to do at home.” So I get to Dallas and I’m
like now, you know, I ain’t got nothing to do so I need a job. Finally got a job, you know,
working Domino’s Pizza part time and stuff. I figured that I’ll just
stay there until I can get a job in accounting. So cut to the chase 2 years down
the road and I still don’t have a job in accounting, you know? And I’m thinking,
there’s something wrong here. I used to get the paper every
day and the only job that they had that you didn’t have to have
experience was a police officer. I used to have a buddy
of mine, he’s like, “Man, you need to apply.” I’m like, “Dude, that’s the
craziest job in the world.” It didn’t sound so crazy after
like, you know, 2 years so I just broke down and I applied
and I was hired probably about 3 months later. I’ve been out on calls where,
you know, before I got there, you know, there was a big
argument going on and the people yelling at
screaming at each other. And then all of a sudden, I
walk up and they look at me and they stop, right away. And then the focus is on me. “Man, you’re pretty big.” Yeah, a little bit. I didn’t know anything about
bodybuilding when I got into it. Weightlifting, I try to tell
people all the time, it was like a hobby for the and the reason
why I started because people used to always ask
me if I worked out, and I used to always say no. I got to the point where
I got tired of saying no. I’m like, if they ask me why I’m
working out, maybe I should work out and see where it can
take me so that’s why I started working out. It was all a stepping stone
to where I am today. It took me about 8, 9 years of
dieting, training, working full time in the police department
trying to organize all this with a family. And first we had to get, you
know, out of the amateurs, then we had
to get to the pros, then we had to get
established as a pro. And then we had to get good
enough where we could, you know, win a Mr. Olympia. ♪♪♪ Yeah, buddy. ♪♪♪ I try to train every body
part about twice a week so I’ll try to train like 6 days a
week, spend about an hour, an hour 15 minutes a
day on training alone. And if I’m getting ready for
a contest and stuff like that then, you know, it’s another
couple hours a day of cardio. I take Sundays
off, 1 day a week. My rest day is like, you know,
get up early, about 9, have a little bite to eat, go to
church, come home, take a shower and stuff and get
ready for work. People always ask me how do you
build muscle and how do you get strong and all
this kind of stuff. It’s two different things. I did both, you know, I was a
powerlifter and when I was a powerlifter, we only did, you
know, like a few reps at a time. And we’d like do like, six, four
and two, something like that. That was to build strength. But to build muscle, you know,
you do a lot of reputations like 10, 15, 20 and that’s
how you build muscle. It’s all
lightweight to me though. It wasn’t a big transition
because I only did powerlifting for about maybe 2 or 3 years. Now when you got like 800 pounds
of weight on your back, you ain’t really thinking
about no competitors. You thinking about trying
to got the weight off ya. Every rep, that’s what you
basically thinking about. I’ve always wanted to train with
a partner if it’s somebody that can, you know, challenge
me and do the same weight that I’m doing. But if not, then I
rather train alone. Coming up, you know,
we pushed each other and it worked out
real good for us. So I much rather train
with a training partner than to train alone. I like to tell people just, you
know, do it like I did it and get a personal trainer and that
way you know what you’re doing. You’re doing it the
right way and you’re not going down the wrong way. You’re not wasting your time. ♪♪♪ If you don’t have the right
nutrition, you’re not gonna grow and I learned that the hard way
but I learned it in a good way. When I was playing football and
just doing stuff like that and not actually trying to get
big, all I did was eat like hamburgers and fried chicken
and all that kind of stuff. And I was wondering why I wasn’t
growing any muscle ’cause I was eating a lot of food, but I
want eating a lot of good food. Protein is what build muscle but it’s gotta be good,
quality protein. I try to eat about
six meals a day. What I try to do is get like
2 grams of protein for every 1 pound of body weight. I try to take in about 600
grams of protein a day, like 100 grams of
protein per meal. My mass building muscle
techniques are chicken, steak, and turkey. It’s a strict diet and we
don’t deviate not one bit. Nutrition to bodybuilding is
what an engine is to a car. If you don’t have the
right nutrition, it ain’t gonna
function properly. Just like a car, if you ain’t
got an engine in it, it’s gonna be kind of hard
to drive around and get to where
you’re trying to go. ♪♪♪ Without supplementation,
you can’t do it. When I first started in
bodybuilding, we didn’t have as many supplements
as they have today. We were just basically taking
stuff like aminos, protein and you can’t get not 1 ounce
of muscle without protein. You kind of like, you know,
learn with the curve as time went on. Of course, you got pre-workout
drinks and post-workout drinks. You got your nitric oxide. It gives you a, you know, a good
boost before you get in the gym. It gives you a good pump
once you get in the gym. It gives you a little
bit of motivation also. It just got better and better
as I’ve gone on year after year. My top three are basically
aminos, protein, creatine, basically are your main ones. Bodybuilding is all about
building muscle, who got the biggest muscle, who
got the best muscle and who got the most
quality muscle. I don’t think I could have
did bodybuilding without supplements, matter of fact
I know I couldn’t have done bodybuilding
without supplements. Yup, you need to
get the right one. That’s the key right there. ♪♪♪ Whoo! For my full training,
supplementation, and nutrition program, check
out the page below. I’m Ronnie Coleman, 8-time
Mr. Olympia and for more information, go to