The Power of Excellent Nutrition

– Hey, I’m Ocean Robbins here. And I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos that my dad and I have
shared with you so far. If you haven’t seen them yet,
I encourage you to watch them. When you watch my dad’s most recent video, I’m sure you’ll understand
why I feel so grateful to be his son. And so proud and excited to work with him, and with you, for a food revolution. In today’s video, I’m honored
to bring you Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a board certified family
physician and a researcher, who specializes in reversing disease through excellent nutrition. Dr. Fuhrman is President of the Nutritional Research Foundation and the best-selling
author of numerous books, including Eat to Live. Dr. Joel Fuhrman was kind enough to write a wonderful forward for my new and best-selling
book, 31 Day Food Revolution. I think he’s one of the most brilliant and effective speakers in
the food movement today. Dr. Fuhrman has helped
tens of thousands of people to lose weight permanently and
to reverse chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2
diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and chronic pain syndromes. He uses a nutrient-dense eating style that he calls the nutritarian diet. In the TEDx talk you’re about to watch, Dr. Fuhrman shares some
extraordinarily moving stories about the power of healthy
food to transform lives. I think it’ll touch your heart, I think it’ll inspire you with
the power of what’s possible, and you might even wanna
share what you learn with everyone you love. (soft, classical music)
(clapping) – Thank you. I love nutritional science. I’ve had a passion about
nutrition since I was young. I remember that my father
suffered with medical problems and pains, conditions
the medical profession couldn’t help him with. And he searched for answers. Finally, he changed his diet,
lost 50 pounds, and got well. And in the process of seeing
him suffering and searching, I found excitement and developed
interest in the subject. He brought 50 nutritional
books into the home and I read them all. Then in the early 1970s, I was on the United States
World Figure Skating team and I got hurt. And I couldn’t walk for over a year. And I spent some time in
a natural health kind of, natural health retreat
watching people get well who changed their diet styles. And I got excited about what I saw. I remember at my sister’s
graduation party from college, I met an attractive young woman, who told me she applied
to go to medical school. And I debated with her. I said, what do you wanna
go to medical school for? Doctors mostly prescribe
medications for conditions that are a result of the toxic
diet Americans are eating. It’s like hitting yourself
with a hammer every day and giving your hand a big smash, and it gets swollen and full of pain. And you go to a doctor and
get pain medications for it and the next day, you take a
big hammer and smack it again. It’s the toxic American lifestyle that’s resulting in all these diseases driving peoples into doctor’s offices. The toxic foods we’re
eating are the hammer. You don’t go to a doctor if
you have breathing problems from smoking cigarettes
and he gives you a drug to help you breathe better, and
you still continue to smoke. That’s what Americans are doing. So this young woman said to me, “If you’re so passionate
about this subject, “why don’t you go to medical school? (audience laughs) “Why don’t you change things? “Why don’t you help people?” You know, I obviously thought
about that and said, you know? I gotta do that. I quit my job as an executive in my family’s chain of shoe stores, I went back to the post-graduate, pre-medical program at
Columbia after college, I went to medical school, and I’m here to tell you
about the excitement, the rewarding experience,
and to give you a taste of the things I’ve seen in
this, and the fun I’ve had. And I wanna show you
six representative cases of people who changed their life to show you the power
of a nutritarian diet. But before I do, let me give you a, maybe a two-minute overview of what a nutritarian diet is, okay? ‘Cause a nutritarian diet is a diet style that’s designed to be rich in nutrients and full of antioxidants
and phytochemicals. It’s a diet style with a high,
nutrient-per-calorie density. Your healthy life expectancy is determined on the foods you choose to eat. You have to get sufficient nutrient bang for each caloric buck. But when you do so,
when you flood your body with the nutrients it needs, it doesn’t just make you healthy and live long and prevent disease, it stops food addictions and food cravings and normalizes your appetite, and makes your body gravitate towards your ideal weight effortlessly. It’s the secret for most of what ails us. A nutritarian diet, sure
it’s rich in nutrients with an adequate amount of
what we need, nutrient-wise, but it also has, is very different from the style Americans
are eating right now. Americans are eating a diet that’s really, dramatically nutritionally deficient. Americans are eating a
diet with 55% of calories from processed and refined foods that don’t contain vitamins,
minerals, and phytochemicals. And 30% of animal products, a diet with less than 5% of calories from fruits and vegetables
of natural produce, nutrient-rich produce. Aside from white potato,
most of what we eat, we’re only eating about 5%
of vegetation and produce. It couldn’t be better designed
to create a nation with, full of diseases, like
heart attacks and strokes and dementias and cancers, how
to be designed by Al-Qaeda. (audience laughs) Besides the fact of what it’s lacking, a nutritarian diet is also designed to be low in those hormones
that promote cancer and aging. Hormones like excessive amounts of insulin and excessive amounts of IGF 1, that’s insulin-like growth factor one, the primary hormone that promotes cancers, like breast cancer and prostate cancer. I say, the whiter the bread,
the sooner you’re dead. (audience laughs) Because the more you eat foods
like sugar and white flour, the more it promotes
weight gain and cancer. And I say, the more you eat
green, the more you get lean. Because when you eat more
greens and beans and less meat, it lowers IGF 1, which
stops cancer in its tracks, and doesn’t promote the
progression of fat on your body and cancer proliferation. We have a unique opportunity
in human history today with the exponential advances
in nutritional science that have given us the
power, the power of G-Bombs. G-B-O-M-B-S, these foods I call our
immune system special forces. Greens, beans, onions,
mushrooms, berries, and seeds. These foods that inhibit
fat storage on the body. Foods that prevent cancer. Foods that prolong our life span. The details of that is not my message or the purpose of this presentation. These people are. Let me show you the power of
what a nutritarian diet can do. Here’s Robert. I never met Robert, he
just read one of my books. Robert was in a wheelchair. Today, he can, not only can
he, he’s not in a wheelchair, he can work all day on his feet. Robert had rheumatoid arthritis and was on four highly toxic drugs to reduce his pain from
rheumatoid arthritis. Today, he has no rheumatoid arthritis. He’s off all his toxic medications. He no longer has diabetes, he
no longer has heart disease and high blood pressure. He’s off those medications, too. The main story here is not
merely that he lost 200 pounds, the story is that Robert no
longer has medical conditions. He no longer has rheumatoid arthritis like million of Americans do. The point here is you
don’t have to be sick and be suffering and
be tied to medications for the rest of your life. Take Heather. Heather’s another person who
suffered most of her life. She suffered with terrible headaches, horrible headaches and
migraines most of her life. She even took pills that cost $100 a pill for each single, individual pill and she still had headaches all day long. And she suffered, of course,
with allergies and insomnia and anxiety, and also
on multiple medications. And Heather lost 75 pounds. But she wrote me, and she said, you know, she wrote me a letter,
an email, and she said, “I’m all better, I know
it’s the greatest feeling “in the world never to suffer
and have headaches anymore.” I don’t insomnia, I don’t need pills for depression and anxiety anymore. I’m well. I don’t have menstrual pain. She said when you, the wonderful thing is when you fix the whole body, everything gets taken
care of simultaneously. It makes you think of all the people that are suffering and have
been told they have to be on medications the rest of
their life with no way out. And then there’s Donna. Donna from Kentucky. Donna’s like people I’ve, stories like this I hear
a hundred times a month. She was in so much pain,
she couldn’t get out of bed or off the couch. When she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, her rheumatologist told her that she’d have to take
these medications for pain for the rest of her life. Of course, Donna got well. She lost 62 pounds in the process. She’s feeling well and
she took, made the effort to take the drive from
Kentucky up to New Jersey, when I was having one of my
weekend immersion programs. She came up specifically to
meet me and to talk to me and tell me about, to thank me. So rewarding when you,
and wonderful and warm to meet these people who’ve
recovered their health. She said to me, “I was a
food addict for 20 years. “I tried one diet after another. “And I knew I was in a downward spiral “I couldn’t get out of.” Her life was unhappy and she felt completely hopeless with it. And she said she felt
like she was a failure. And I said, Donna, you weren’t a failure, it’s the information you
were given failed you. With the right information, you have the ability to be set free, to take control of your life, to get rid of your food addictions. It’s wonderful to meet these people. You almost want to,
you see their happiness and their gratitude, and
sometimes you can almost, feel like tears come to the eyes when you hear some of these stories. And here’s Ronnie from
Texas, a perfect example. Ronnie had heart disease
and had a bypass surgery about six years ago. Within four years after
his bypass surgery, his vessels clogged up again and got fully occluded with plaque. And then he proceeded to have angioplasty. Within a few months after angioplasty, he developed restenosis. And now he couldn’t walk, had tremendous chest pain,
was on multiple medications, he was literally sent home to die. I never met Ronnie either. He read my books and
he communicated with me through the website. And Ronnie lost 140 pounds in
one year, which isn’t a story. The story is that his
chest pains went away, he’s now fit, healthy,
has no heart disease, he doesn’t have high cholesterol, he has great cholesterol,
no cholesterol drugs. He has normal blood pressure, not on three blood pressure
medications like he used to be but on no blood pressure medications. His weight is normal, he’s feeling well, he achieved these numbers
to protect himself without the use of medications. That’s how we know now he’s protected. He truly reversed his condition and he knows he’s
protected for his future. The message here is that
scientific studies show that angioplasty and bypass surgery don’t enable people to live longer. Those who go through those procedures don’t live longer than those
who don’t have those procedures with the same degree of disease. They don’t prevent future heart attacks. They’re just a temporary band-aid
to make people feel better for a temporary period of time. Why aren’t people told this? Why don’t people know? Why doesn’t everyone know that they don’t have
to have heart attacks? They don’t have to have strokes. That these diseases are
reversible relatively easily. Ronnie was set free. And Jodi, from nearby here,
right in North Carolina, Jodi suffered with
psoriasis for many years. By the time, actually she
suffered from psoriatic arthritis, which is like a mixture of psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis,
involves the itchy rash over your whole body plus joint pains. By the time Jody was 50 years old, she had the rash over her whole body, including an itchy rash inside
her ears from head to toe. And she was on multiple medications, including Prednisone and
Plaquenil and Methotrexate to try to suppress the
auto-immune conditions. Auto-immune diseases like this
affect 24 million Americans. The most prevalent one is psoriasis, which affects more that
seven-and-a-half million Americans. Jodi’s been well for the last 12 years. She doesn’t have psoriatic
arthritis anymore. She doesn’t have psoriasis
anymore, her skin is clear. By the time she first got
diagnosed with psoriasis, when she was a teenager,
soon after, she got diagnosed with lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, and eventually the joint
pain of psoriatic arthritis. After being in pain
for more that 25 years, being on medications that
hardly gave her any relief, she found out how she could
finally get well and she did. I remember, we have these health getaways, where I take a lot of
people on these vacations and we eat healthy and
teach them about nutrition. And Jodi came with us to Utah
to climb the Red Mountains. And we took a bunch of people and we walked up this huge
mountain and we got to top. And it was like a thrill
to see the countryside, the beautiful countryside
up on top of this mountain. And Jodi got to the
highest point of that peak and she put her arms up in
the air like a V for victory, and she said, “Look at me,
I’m a medical miracle.” And I said to Jodi, you know,
Jodi, I’m so proud of you, but it’s not a medical miracle. It’s the inherent self-repairing, miraculous protective self-healing machine the human body is already. When it’s fed optimally, your
body takes care of itself. Just like you cut yourself. It’s the health that you
always had the right to that was taken away from you. And number six, the last
person I’m gonna talk about is John Pelakowski. And I bring him up, John from New Jersey, is because my office is in New Jersey and I saw him as a patient
more than 20 years ago when he was 72 years old. And he, too, had triple-vessel
disease in his heart. And had chest pain, where he couldn’t walk
without significant pain. He actually had worked with a cardiologist and the cardiologist set
him up for a stress test, a cardiac catheterization, and he was scheduled for
angioplasty and stent placement. And I pleaded with him
and I convinced him. I said, John, give me
12 weeks of your life to show you that you can get
back in good health again. Because once you put those stents in, you’re never gonna be the same. It’s gonna be a source of inflammation. It’s gonna be, promote more stenosis and more plaque in your heart. Let’s get rid of it, here’s our chance. Give me 12 weeks. In 12 weeks time, his
chest pains were gone, he lost 40 pounds, he didn’t
have high blood pressure, didn’t need three medications
of high blood pressure, that had dropped, too. He went back to see his cardiologist. The cardiologist says to
him, “Oh my goodness, John, “I’ve never see anybody reverse
heart disease nutritionally. “I’ve never seen anybody
have it melt away like this. “This is amazing.” Can you imagine a
cardiologist who does nothing except see patients with heart conditions never once ever saw a patient
reverse their heart disease with nutrition? When that’s all I see is
every patient get better? Relatively quickly. You know, the story here
with John, what’s the story? The story is, is now it’s 20 years later, John’s 92 years old. Over the years, he’s gotten
healthier and healthier. He doesn’t have any heart disease now. He chops wood, he climbs
up and fixes his roof, he enjoys his life. He doesn’t take medications in his 90s that he needed when he
was in his 60s and 70s, you follow that? He has normal blood pressure now. He has normal cholesterol now. He’s earned these things. He’s been well for 90 years. My point is that water
runs off the waterfall and hits a rock. And after 20,000 years,
the rock breaks in two. But the rock didn’t age, it
got hit by water day after day for 20,000 years. When you develop the problems
that most Americans get, or get those problems
because day after day, you put stresses on your tissues
from eating the wrong foods that we shouldn’t be eating. From living a diet style
and a lifestyle of stressors that impact negatively day
after day, year after year. That’s not the natural
consequence of aging. Heart attacks and strokes and dementia doesn’t have to happen. We don’t have to have heart disease. All of us could be free
of that if we so choose. Matter of fact, most cardiologists can then become lawyers and
electricians and plumbers. (audience laughs)
(Dr. Fuhrman laughs) Nevertheless, here’s the point,
is my message to you today, is that sure, nutritional science has made exponential
advances in recent years. I love nutritional science. It’s not just, but the point
is, it’s not just preventative. Sure, we don’t have to have heart attacks, we don’t have to have strokes, we don’t have to get demented. And yes, we can win the war on cancer, we have the information
right now in the studies that show that we can, that a body is protected against cancer. We can make these choices
and have better health than ever before possible
in human history. And my point for today is, is
that nutritional excellence, a nutritatian diet is
therapeutically more effective than medications for almost
every medical condition. And the results can
literally touch your heart. And that’s my message for today. And you know, you know that woman,
that pretty young woman, who spurred me on to go to
medical school back 35 years ago? Well, I married her. (audience laughs) And now, now I’ve been
married for 32 years, I have four wonderful children. And, and I’m on a mission to share the power of
nutritional excellence. So wishing you all, you reach your dreams and pursue your passions,
and have much happiness and great health always
because it can be yours. Thank you. (audience laughs) (fast-paced classical music) – Wasn’t that incredible? Dr. Fuhrman just told
us that heart disease, which killed 14 million people
on the planet last year, is optional. He said you don’t have to get cancer or type 2 diabetes or dementia. Because all of these illnesses
can literally be prevented just by eating the right foods. When I think about all
the millions of people who are living in fear right now because they, or their loved ones, are suffering from these
diseases, it’s staggering. And when I think about
how much good healthy food can do to turn it all around, I’m filled with a whole lot of hope. We’ve got studies telling us
that eating one or two servings of greens per day can add 11 more years of healthy brain function, which means it slashes
the rate of Alzheimer’s. We’ve got other studies showing that woman who drink green tea daily have a 50% drop in their risk of breast cancer. And women who eat mushrooms
daily have a 64% drop in risk of breast cancer
and these things compound. In one study, women who drank green tea and ate mushrooms daily had an 89% drop in risk of breast cancer. It’s because of people like Dr. Fuhrman, who provide us with these
life-saving resources, that I am so proud to be part of bringing you the
Food Revolution Summit. This summit will soon
give you the knowledge and the tools you need to fight disease and to add years to your life. But it’s also about helping
you to add life to your years. It’ll give you the
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the truly global impact of our food choices and
you’ll get to be inspired by one of my greatest heroes. I’ll see ya there. And I’ll see you in the summit.