The Fasting Fatman – You are an inspiration! 115 DAYS WATER FAST! NO FOOD!

Hi Youtube friends! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons and today’s video is about the Fasting Fatman Aka The Incredible Shrinking man. So if you’re in need of inspiration to continue or even to start your weight loss journey, I urge you to keep on watching. If you’re new to my channel, hit the subscribe button and click that notification bell for future videos. So I’ve been subscribed to the fasting fat man for about a month now and he will soon be known as The Incredible Shrinking man. I’ve been subscribed to the fasting fat man and he likes us to call him Big John and very soon. He’ll be known as Little John. He is an inspiration and I am so fascinated by what he’s been doing. He is actually shrinking before our eyes. He is a youtuber and he started making videos on January the 9th of 2019. His weight-loss journey started December 11th 2018 and his starting weight was 530 pounds. His water fast started January 2nd 2018. So that was just after New Years day. I have binge-watched all of Big John’s videos and again. I am so inspired watching these videos. His water fasting results were sole miraculous to him that he decided that he would document his journey to help and inspire others. He wanted to inspire other people to take that chance to change their life. I think that it’s so wonderful that he is doing this journey. This weight-loss journey for his son. He weighed 530 pounds he feared that he would not even live to see his son go to kindergarten and now he does not have those worries anymore. So as I’m binge-watching these videos. His first goal was a 30-day water fast which has now turned into a hundred and twenty day goal that he is almost approaching. He is almost there. As he would hit a milestone. He would extend his fast so when he would accomplish the 30 days. He would then move on to 60 days then 90 days and now his goal is 120 days. I’m sure you guys are curious what his regimen is. He supplements with a multivitamin daily? With a half a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt twice a day with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times a day and I noticed that he uses Dr. Berg’s nutritional yeast and dr. Berg’s electrolyte powder three times a day. I’m really inspired by Big John and the reason that I am so inspired by him is that I myself have been living a fasting and focused lifestyle for the last two years. But not to the extent of John where he has been fasting for almost 120 days. I can relate some of the things that he said in his videos that after the four day mark your body literally adapts and goes on autopilot and now that he is on the homestretch to 120 days fasted his body is on autopilot. And he does feel hungry and I can 100% percent relate to that and I can also relate to what he said about not telling his extended family that he was what he was doing because his family was old-school. Now I can relate to that as well because family members they care about you and they’re going to want to talk you out of what you’re doing so I can totally relate to that. He mentioned that he is under the supervision of a doctor and I 100% percent agree with that but if you’re going to be doing a fast with this amount of time, that he’s been doing it. Definitely tell your doctor what you’re doing. And as I said before this man is so inspiring. He is taking us on his weight-loss journey, and he is changing lives before our very eyes. Personally, I’ve shared his videos on my social media accounts and also in my fasting group Lola’s Life Lessons Fasting Friends and I find that it is very very motivating to the members of my group. If you are struggling right now and you’re on a weight-loss journey go to his channel and binge-watch his videos. I encourage you to not just go to his channel and watch the latest video or the newest video. Watch the video from the very beginning. So his first video was day eight of the water fast. So watch that one first. That is so inspiring and it really gives you like a background as to why he’s doing. it Subscribe to his channel! Like his videos share his videos. Like Big John says when you are sharing his videos? You’re actually sharing inspiration and I agree with that a hundred percent. I have added his link in my description. So just go to my description and just click that button and go to his channel and subscribe. Subscribe subscribe subscribe! Big John you are almost Little John and if you are watching my video I want you to know I am your biggest fan. Well, you know what? I’m gonna probably have to share that spot because I think that you probably have thousands of fans right now. But I just want you to know that I am so so inspired by you and what you are doing. Keep going! Congrats on conquering your addiction to food. I have no doubt that you will hit your goal of 195 pounds by a December of 2019! Again, you are an inspiration to all of us in the fasting community and also the weight loss journey communities. So that’s about it guys. Um Please give this video a thumbs up and please share this video with everyone, you know. Bye! Well, thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe! Please like! Please share and I want all of you guys to stay happy and healthy. Bye