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How Vitamin D Can Revolutionize Your Health

Did you know that there is a vitamin that can bring big improvements to your life? But, how can a vitamin offer so many benefits? According to a study done at the Newcastle College, England, doctors are slow to identify and treat the deficiency of this vitamin, and it ends up harming people’s health. Do…

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Casually Explained: Vitamins

Hey Guys! Welcome to another video of our “Casually Explained” series. In this series, we are talking about some scientific term which you regularly see and hear in your daily life. Today we are going to talk about Vitamins. Good health is desired by everyone & the key to achieve it is a good and…

Vitamin D: are you getting enough?

It’s called the sunshine vitamin for a reason. Our bodies synthesize vitamin D from sun exposure during the summer months. But because of our northern latitude, and the potential health risks of sun exposure, we need to rely on other sources. Currently, about one in ten Canadians isn’t getting enough of this nutrient. That’s about…

8 Essential Vitamins And Minerals to Help You Sleep Better

Functions of Vitamin D You Didn’t Know About

Vitamin D is technically not even a vitamin. As we learn more about biochemistry, we actually realize that Vitamin D is more of a hormone than it is a vitamin. One of its functions is multiple receptors on your pancreas. Now I’m going to draw you a very rudimentary diagram here. This is your pancreas….