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How to Have an Extreme Earth Day

Is my cat fat? Mr. Pirate and Clawdia demonstrate how to tell.

Hi. My name is Dr. Uri Burstyn. I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver, B.C., and I’d like to welcome you to my series of practical skills for pet owners. Me and Pirate are here to talk about a very, very important topic close to our hearts, and that is feline obesity. But before we get into…

How to Boil Water

Fat Gripz Review – Is Fat Gripz The Workout Supercharger?

Q&A: What is Metabolic Training?

>>MARK: Hey, it’s Mark, I wanted to tell you about a really cool exercise methodology called metabolic training. And so, metabolic training is a very advanced intense type of training and the goal is to burn as many calories as possible, not only during the workout, but also after the work out. It’s called the…

Daytime Kitchen: Healthy Back to School Snacks

Healthy Grilled Snacks for Your Next Tailgate

Genius & Simple Health Tips You Should Know

LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with a Mediterranean Diet

How to Make Healthy Food Changes

Gee, I know how hard it is to eat healthy all the time!! But what if I told you there were simple food changes you could make easily right now? And even though it’s not quite magic, I do have some tricks up my sleeve. Here are 5 of them: ♫ Fanfare Trumpets ♫ Abracadabra!…