USDA Disaster Nutrition Assistance Programs

It’s been raining for like the past four or five days here in South Carolina. At least nine people have died in South Carolina following what officials are calling a thousand-year storm. Hundreds have been forced from their homes… Roads and bridges are closed. We’ve got to get people downstream evacuated… Music note because if…

RIT Leads Community Nutrition Research Program

>>Through a grant that I have from the US Department of Agriculture people who participate in the SNAP program, formerly called the food stamp program, can receive a discount on fresh vegetables that they buy here on the Curbside Market.>>The Curbside Market program is basically a farmer’s market on wheels. We go throughout various neighborhoods….

40th Anniversary of USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service

We have a second program where, with other volunteers that are on five days a week. Where we send drivers out. Boy, when you go in these houses, it is just amazing. You may be the only thing going into the cupboard. I remember one time I took an order over, and I’m not usually…