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*In the distance* Hey what is up everyone, Rich Piana here. *In the distance* I just got back from Ohio *In the distance* And I am heading to Australia for the f- *In the distance* …Australia *In the distance* …for the f- *In the distance* What the f*ck? (Camera man): I am here to train…

Moringa Oleifera Leaves Nutrition Facts

Data source:United States Department of Agriculture Moringa oleifera leaves nutrition facts shown that’s superfood. Moringa leaf, moringa powder, moringa pods are rich in vitamins and rich in minerals.

10 Sneaky Ways Stores Use SCIENCE To Make You Spend MORE Money

We’ve all experienced this: we go to Walmart or Target for that one thing we really need and then walk out with a cart full of stuff. Even if we tell ourselves “All i’m gonna do today is get that one toothpaste and leave” it just never happens. Retail stores nowadays have much more effective…

Joel Cohen: An Introduction to Demography (Malthus Miffed: Are People the Problem?)

My name is Joel Cohen I’m Professor of Populations at the Rockefeller University and at Columbia University in New York City.   My background is partially in public health and partially in applied mathematics. WHY SHOULD YOU STUDY DEMOGRAPHY? Why should you consider taking a course in demography in college? 

You will be growing up…

How Much Money Does A Professional Cyclist Get Paid? | GCN Show Ep.343

– Before we start this week’s GCN show, which as you’ll see was filmed in advance, it’s with great sadness that we bring you news of the death of professional cyclist, Bjorg Lambrecht, who crashed during a stage at the Tour of Poland yesterday. He was a supremely talented cyclist whose career looked set for…

Guava Fruit Nutrition Facts

Guava fruit is rich in vitamin Guava fruit is rich in minerals Guava fruit is rich in amino acids Guava fruit nutrition facts Data source: United States Department of Agriculture