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ASK UNMC! What does a healthy 200-calorie snack look like?

Snacks in general are kind of an extra. The American Cancer Society has done a lot of research that shows that our obesity epidemic steps right in line with and phenomenon that in America people are now getting about an extra 100 to 200 calories a day from snacks. So when we talk about a…

New Food Nutrition Labels on Channel 5 Talk of the Town w/ Retrofit Dietitian

Announcer: From the News 5 Channel network, this is Talk of the Town. Meryll: All right. Well, the nutrition labels on many of you’re favorite foods are getting a makeover, and these changes could make it easier to eat healthy. Lindsey Joe is a Registered Dietitian with Retrofit. It’s nice to have you with us….

Renal nutrition therapy for kidney disease

Hi. Happy World Kidney Day. I’m Vanessa Rojas-Bautista, RDN clinical renal dietitian for the department of medicine. Today, I’d like to talk to you about renal nutrition therapy and the prevention of CKD. Today we’re going to talk about utilizing individualized nutrition therapy to prevent CKD and the progression of various stages. Today I’d like…