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How to get healthy without dieting | Darya Rose | TEDxSalem

Translator: Zsófia Herczeg Reviewer: Tanya Cushman I started my first diet when I was eleven years old, sixth grade. I wasn’t overweight or anything close to it, but I came into the kitchen before school one morning, and my mom was making herself a chocolate milkshake for breakfast. If you can remember being eleven, you…

Updated TB Testing and Treatment Recommendations for Health Care Personnel

What is public health?

Let’s Talk About Sexual Health

(ASHLEY) I’m not in a monogamous relationship and I just want to make sure I’m protecting myself. (DEIJA) I don’t have a boyfriend but I do sometimes see someone I like. (MADELINE) I like boys and girls but I am not sexually active. (EDRIC) Because I’m sexually active I get myself tested every three months….

A smarter, more precise way to think about public health | Sue Desmond-Hellmann

OK, first, some introductions. My mom, Jennie, took this picture. That’s my dad, Frank, in the middle. And on his left, my sisters: Mary Catherine, Judith Ann, Theresa Marie. John Patrick’s sitting on his lap and Kevin Michael’s on his right. And in the pale-blue windbreaker, Susan Diane. Me. I loved growing up in a…

What is Primary Health Care ( PHC )?

Hey guys…….welcome to abmbbs…..todays topic is PRIMARY HEALTH CARE…..now this is a topic which is quite complicated in the PARK TEXTBOOK but in this video we have condensed the chapter & given only the must know points. First up…what is the definition of Primary Health Care?? Primary Health Care is the essential health care made…

President Trump and Global Health – what are the issues?

So I woke up this morning to discover Donald Trump has won the election. What does this mean for global health? Stay tuned and find out. Welcome back to this global health Youtube channel. My name is Greg Martin. Now we’re gonna talk about things like the economy, we’re gonna talk about things like security,…

Dr. David R. Williams : The Social Factors of Health

The field of behavioral sciences has some of the key answers to some of the major crises that the United States faces, in terms of health. My name is David Williams. My work is looking at social factors that affect health. I think most Americans, when we think about health, we think about medical care….

Making Health Easier: Healthy Changes Start in Preschool

Inhale. Exhale. Again. Inhale, exhale one more time. Inhale okay, we’re ready to start our day. My name is Claudia Mendoza and for the past five years I’ve been working with preschoolers. Child obesity it’s a problem in the U.S. and it’s a growing epidemic, but what worries me the most, it’s something that could…

Benefits of Health Communication and Marketing