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Online Master: Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health | Wageningen University & Research

On a world scale there’s an enormous variation in for instance the dietary habits and in the health and the epidemiology the methodology and in the approaches and the knowledge to study the link between what our daily life is and how it relates to the health of people. As an epidemiologist you always want…

MSc Human Nutrition

The importance of nutrition and maintaining health is a growing area of interest and the demand from the public for more information has never been greater. Our MSc in Human Nutrition run with the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health is developing the skills of the next generation of nutritionists to tackle these global challenges….

MSc Nutrition for Global Health – LSHTM

The Masters in Nutrition for Global Health is a course which develops high-quality, in-depth knowledge of nutrition from a public health perspective, so it really trains people to be able to understand the role of nutrition in international public health. The MSc is really unique because it offers an enormous range of skills and training…