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pregnancy diet chart | in 1st trimester | in animation

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New vitamin B12 test


Your Prenatal Vitamin Needs a Check-up

Hi this is Dr. Tod Cooperman of ConsumerLab.com and I’m happy to be here live on Facebook tonight talking about prenatal vitamins because there’s been a lot of change in terms of what really should be in a prenatal vitamin and the fact that many of the prenatal vitamins on the market today don’t contain…

Becoming Supplement Savvy // Premium Prenatal and Preconception Supplements

Have you ever tried to read the label on your supplements? Feel like you need a chemistry degree just to make sense of it all? Hi Nikki Warren, fertility naturopath here. I want you to become savvy about reading supplement labels. All of those fancy words can be a bit confusing but what is even…

Treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Vaginal Vitamin C

a study published in 1999 raised the exciting possibility that cheap simple innocuous and ubiquitous vitamin C supplements could prevent a condition known as preeclampsia but a decade of research later we realized that was merely a false hope and that vitamin C supplements appear to play little role in women’s health but they’re talking…

#AskDrBob: Alkaline Water, Prenatal Vitamins, & Spinal Stenosis

– Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Bob DeMaria with another episode of #AskDrBob. Thank you for joining me. Please pass this on to your friends and family. Some really important questions. I’m in Naples, Florida and also in Westlake, Ohio. Q: Dr. Bob, what is wrong with alkalized water? A: The challenge with alkalized water…

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