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Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe – Japanese Food (delicious)

Welcome back to yet another sushi video recipe, I’m Chef Davy Devaux and I am going to show you guys how to make Dragon Sushi Roll today. Now I’m sorry about the humming noise in the background, that’s this fan thing here. You see it’s about 30°C in the shade today, so yeah it’s ridiculously…

Guess Where These 5 Foods Are From | People Vs. Food

– Crap, that’s some BS! – Life is a not struggle, it’s a wiggle. (laughs) This whole competition is a wiggle. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, do you think you know where your favorite foods come from? – Where they come from? – (sighs) The kitchen! (laughs) – I’m like Uber Eats? –…

1 Million Special: DRY AGE Most EXPENSIVE Steak on Earth | Guga Foods

1 million subscribers Angel! There’s a million people. There’s a million people that click that subscribers button to watch our video. Guys I’m I’m forever grateful I am so thankful. Thank you so much for subscribing. One million! I don’t know what else to say man this is so…. Don’t cry Guga, don’t cry bro….

ALIEN SEA SNAIL Japanese Street Food

here is the greatest food of all time it is the delicacy of the japanese culture heres one way to prep your food easily

Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits | Wengie | Lose Weight by changing your eating habits

Hi guys, it’s Wengie here Today I wanted to do another video all about my diet experience Because you guys love these videos And today I was actually browsing through some of my old photos on facebook Because my friend was like I can never imagine you like, you’re tiny I could never imagine you…

Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

When it comes to health, weight of course is not everything, but since there are so many health complications from being overweight or obese, it’s safe to say that Japan with an obesity rate of 3.5% is generally healthier than America with an obesity rate of 30%. Japan isn’t perfect, it has found itself on…

ダイエット中の太らない夜食アイデア!Healthy Late Night Snack Idea!

Hello! Today, I`m going to share some healthy late night snacks! If you eat something at night, It`s easier to gain weight because your body controls metabolism and energy consumption is low so it become a fat easily. For late night snack, I recommend to get something in low calories, easy to digest, something warm…

Two Quick and Healthy Snacks (with an unexpected ingredient) – Make it Less Sad

So recently someone asked me to do a snack episode. Which I thought was a really good idea because when it comes to snacks you don’t have a lot of good options. If you’re looking for something tasty it’s either quick and unhealthy healthy but depressing or healthy, delicious, but a pain in the butt….

Asian Diet Secrets Part 1 ♥ Wengie ♥ Diet Plan ♥ Lose Weight ♥ Diet Tips and Nutrition

Hi everyone this Wengie here, Welcome to third part of my diet tip series, this week I’m gonna be going through something that I find really really interesting and that is the Diets Secrets of Asia, Japanese women in particular are very well know for their diets to keep them slim, I think there was…

Easy Diet Hack + My #1 Healthy Snack Idea ♥ Easy Diet Tips ♥ Wengie ♥

Hey guys! It’s Wengie here. Welcome back to my channel. I really wanted to make this video to help motivate you guys to stay on track with your healthy eating plans. It’s not really about how you look. It’s really about how you feel and eating healthy really makes a huge difference to your life….