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Does Cooking Vegetables Kill Vitamins? | Healthy Food

About Nutrition Expert Alex Jamieson | Healthy Food

My name’s Alex Jamieson. I am an author, chef, and Holistic Health Counselor. And I got into food over 10 years ago because of my own health problems. When I discovered that what I was eating was affecting how I was feeling and the quality of my life, it was a huge moment for me….

Welcome to WURcast

Hi, and welcome to WURcast! Here, Wageningen University and Research offers you a lot of great clips! Free and for everybody! For you, your neighbor, your teacher or even for your grandma! Okay, here is how it works: The video’s are subdivided in 6 different play lists. Food & Nutrition Global One Health Metropolitan Solutions…

New Food Nutrition Labels on Channel 5 Talk of the Town w/ Retrofit Dietitian

Announcer: From the News 5 Channel network, this is Talk of the Town. Meryll: All right. Well, the nutrition labels on many of you’re favorite foods are getting a makeover, and these changes could make it easier to eat healthy. Lindsey Joe is a Registered Dietitian with Retrofit. It’s nice to have you with us….

Food Nutrition :Nutrition, Food Nutrition Pyramid and Healthy Eating | Food Facts Label|Soul-Doctor

Food Nutrition Food Nutrition Pyramid and Healthy Eating Food Nutrition :Nutrition, Food Nutrition Pyramid Facts Label Food Facts Label Food Nutrition

Read food nutrition labels carefully! Ask Coley- Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Read Food Nutrition Labels Carefully! Coley: Nutrition Facts. Serving 2 crackers – 14 g. Serving per container 21 g. Bumbley: What are you reading? Coley: You know how books have a table of contents that explain what’s inside? Nutrition labels are sort of like that. They tell you what’s inside the food you’re eating and…