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Is vitamin D the new vitamin E?

Resolving the Vitamin D-Bate

The Difficulty of Arriving at a Vitamin D Recommendation

How the Institute of Medicine arrived at their vitamin D recommendation

“How the Institute of Medicine Arrived at their Vitamin D Recommendation” There are many ways to arrive at a target vitamin level. We’ve already examined some of the problems inherent to just using deficiency disease prevention and evolutionary arguments to establish an optimum intake. If a vitamin only does one thing, then it’s easy; you…

Evolutionary argument for optimal vitamin D level

Vitamin B12 recommendation change

Cheapest source of vitamin B12

Optimal Cholesterol Level

“Optimal Cholesterol Level” No matter where we live, how old we are, or what we look like, health researchers have discovered that 90% of having a first heart attack can be attributed to nine modifiable risk factors. The nine factors that are threatening our lives include smoking, too much bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes,…

Plant-Based Diets: Dental Health

“Plant-Based Diets: Dental Health” The foods found most protective against oral cancer include raw and green/leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citrus, and carrots. Citrus fruits are acidic, though. Fine; less oral cancer. But, what about the health of the teeth themselves? Might eating lots of sour fruit eat away at our enamel? Well, early case reports that…

#MyPlateMyWins for Beverages

Get healthier by sipping smarter! Small changes to your beverages can add up to big wins. No need to give up… your favorite mocha. Switch to skim and ask for half the syrup. Do this one time and save 9 grams of saturated fat. Do this three times a week for a year and save…