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Effects of a high meat diet on public health: Robert S Lawrence MD at TEDxManhattan

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Ilze Garda Good morning. I can improve on that 11-year-old, saying, “You either pay the hospital, or you pay the farmer,” and I’m here to make a pitch for paying the farmer. Fifty years ago, when I was a medical student in Boston, we were in the midst of the cardiovascular…

Institutionalized: Mental Health Behind Bars

There is a paucity of mental health services in the community. Are you worried? A little bit, yeah. There’s really no system that’s really looking out for them. We’re just leaving them to fend for themselves. Today, man, I am a better man. I am getting better. I just can’t think to myself that a…

How healthy living nearly killed me | AJ Jacobs

I’ve spent the last decade subjecting myself to pain and humiliation, hopefully for a good cause, which is self-improvement. And I’ve done this in three parts. So first I started with the mind. And I decided to try to get smarter by reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica from A to Z — or, more precisely,…

All my relations — a traditional Lakota approach to health equity | Dr. Donald Warne | TEDxFargo

Translator: Linda Anderson Reviewer: Denise RQ I am from a small town called Kyle, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Anyone ever been to Kyle, South Dakota? One? That’s one more than usual, actually, in a crowd this size. Very impressive. It is a very small town on the reservation. And, the original…

Locked Up and Forgotten: India’s Mental Health Crisis

FUEL: Champion Weightlifter Morghan King Lifts Double Her Own Bodyweight

Riff Raff Muscle Gains Update – FUEL

Strongman Robert Oberst’s 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet: FUEL

How to Cook From Tokyo’s Vending Machines

Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan! [MUSIC]>>Mm. Hey guys. My name is Ty Demura. I was born and raised in Japan. I’m half-American, half-Japanese, and I’m super shitfaced ,and I’m super hungry as well. So I’m gonna go make a banana milkshake with raw egg and natto over rice with a little drizzle of soy sauce….

Asian Diet Secrets Part 1 ♥ Wengie ♥ Diet Plan ♥ Lose Weight ♥ Diet Tips and Nutrition

Hi everyone this Wengie here, Welcome to third part of my diet tip series, this week I’m gonna be going through something that I find really really interesting and that is the Diets Secrets of Asia, Japanese women in particular are very well know for their diets to keep them slim, I think there was…