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What can I do for you? Doc, I’m having difficulty moving. And I get tired easily Hmm, I think you’re overweight. You were so slim before. What happened? Did you see the commercial on tv? They say that 20 pesos can only afford ice cream Oh no. It’s bad for your health if you only…

How to Make Healthy Snacks Fun w/ Shimmer & Shine’s Pal Tala | Nickelodeon Parents

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Find more craft and recipe ideas at nickelodeonparents.com.

Healthy Snacks! How To Make Recipes from Butterbean’s Café 🍎 | Nick Jr.

Let’s get cooking! [music playing] Hi, I’m good chef Violet. I’m going to show you how to make some of my favorite healthy snacks from Butterbean’s Café! Let’s make a Fairy Berry Parfait. You’ll need two cups of raspberries, two cups of plain or vanilla yoghurt, your choice and two cups of granola. Let’s start…