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Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?

Salt: Are you getting Enough? (More Sodium & Health)

Salt. It doesn’t get much attention lately as the most that is said about it is usually just to eat less of it. But is that always the best advice? A March 1940 paper by Lawson Wilkins in Baltimore describes the case of a child who, starting from 11-months of age, had a very unusual…

Barton Health Wellness Lecture: Supplements & Cardiovascular Disease

– Everyone can hear me okay? Everyone at the back can hear me? Okay. Well, I’m truly honored to have all of you here tonight. I’ve been doing this for a few years, this is the most people I’ve ever seen so hopefully you will enjoy this topic. I knew it was something when they…

What Is The Best Diet To Prevent Heart Disease? DOCTOR THOUGHTS!

You have so much power to reduce your risk factors and prevent the progression if not reverse the risk factors for the number one killer in the United States heart disease and I want to review with you researched nutritional strategies to help you achieve those goals now the reason this subject matter is so…

Dark Chocolate and Artery Function

Which Spices Fight Inflammation?

Four Nuts Once a Month

How to Prevent a Stroke

Whole Beets vs. Juice for Improving Athletic Performance

Weight Loss Supplements Lead you Away from a Heart Attack

As per the National Family Health Survey 18.6% of Indian men and 20.7% of Indian women suffer from obesity and they are all prone to cardiac problems. what’s worse? recent research even shows us that heart diseases escalating among the young More and more young Indians specially those from urban centres are suffering from coronary…