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Study Nutrition and Exercise on Demand with UniSA Online

[Music] UniSA Online is introducing the Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise) degree, and this is bringing together two key areas in preventative health to ensure the health of all Australians in the future. So, students that undertake this degree will be able to develop foundational skills and knowledge which will assist them in…

Nutritional Yeast Benefits and Uses (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Nutritional Yeast benefits and how to use it

AIS Nutrition at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Here at the AIS there is 10 sport start dietitions, 8 of us on site, 1 in Brisbane full time on the Gold Coast. We also have a full time food service dietition who basically just works in the dining hall and the food service environment delivering the right type of food and the right…

Yes, we can save the world’s coral reefs | Terry Hughes | TEDxJCUCairns

Translator: Judith Matz Reviewer: Cristina Bufi-Pöcksteiner Hi, everyone. My name is Terry Hughes. I’m a coral reef scientist, and as you can see from the title of my talk today, something of an optimist. So, I’m going to talk to you about the Great Barrier Reef, about reefs in general and also about climate change….