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Remove pimple marks/dark spots in 7 days||Vitamin C എന്താണ്,Uses എല്ലാം ||SimplyMyStyle Unni

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid for its antioxidant

The Iodine Clock Reaction at Home (Vitamin C Variation)

Today I’ve decided to explore an iodine clock reaction that can be done at home with household materials The general gist of this reaction is that two colorless solutions are mixed and then after a certain period of time a sudden color change occurs There’s a lot of different variations and recipes for the iodine…

BEST Vitamin C Serum (improved – 20x effective) – DIY Homemade

Hello friends! My name is Edgar, I am a biotechnologist and in the last few years I have specialized in the designing of skincare products. You can watch my introduction video if you want to know more about me or the goals of this channel. While in San Diego, the Professor I was working with,…