Robot Child Petition / Buff Guy Nutrition #iHateLivingInApartments

[HEAVY BREATHING] [SINISTER MUSIC] Guys! Okay I’m scared. I was up all night watching YouTube videos about current trends with human birth rates. Everybody is having babies right now. [LIGHTNING STRIKES] Literally everybody! Have you scrolled Facebook lately? [GURGLE] No? Well neither have I… BUT! Everywhere I go I see moms with their kids. and they’ve got three to four of em! [DEMONIC VOICE] I have prepared a petition [DEMONIC VOICE] to create a one-child policy In the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico! [LIGHTNING STRIKES] Basically the whole continent! YOUKNOWWHATIMSAYIN!? [SQUEAKY SOUNDS] [COMPUTER GLITCHING] [ROBOT GROANS] [COMPUTER GLITCHES] Too many humans are having too many babies. Where are all these kids gonna work? [LIGHTNING] [DEMONIC VOICE] My fellow robots, [DEMONIC VOICE] listen to me very carefully! [SQUEAKY SOUNDS] These humans are gonna take our jobs. “I Hate Living in Apartments” Theme Song
[WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY PAUL FISHER] They’re white butt faces! Where the hell am I supposed to park? Hey everybody. I just did a Kostcutters haul. Before I start this video I have to disclose that I am sponsored by Kostcutters. Their salmon is on point. ELLYEAH. Salmon, is officially my drug of choice. The omega-3s in these guys will get you feeling REAL GOOD. Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my
YouTube channel to watch my Vlogs. I just posted a full day of eating. [FART] Also, be sure to smack that Like and Subscribe button and hit that notification bell to get all my awesome notifications. Plus, don’t forget to add my Pinterest boards. Check out my Facebook group. Oh yea, and sign up to my email newsletters. Buff Guy Nation, ELLYEAH. Anyways, so I did a Kostcutters haul today. I picked up a bunch of good quality protein fams.
[FART] I’m gonna lay it all out for you. It was one of those days when… OH YEAH! My podcasts! Don’t forget to sign up for em. This is goood stuff guys. All this knowledge and information
I’m just giving away to the Buff Guy Gang. I SWEAR TA GOD. Okay! Now that the essentials are outta the way. Let me show you the WHEY… …protein I picked up. Ha ha! See what I did there fams? ELLLLYEAHHH. [HEAVENLY HARP]
Boom, twenty six grams of pure muscle-building protein. And it’s SPIKED. For her pleasure you feel me? [WET AND SLOPPY FART] Enough aminos to drive a square chick insane.
You feel me? Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are also some sugars and additives in this for that glycogen boost post-workout, you feel me? As well as some other ingredients I can’t pronounce so I’m not gonna get into that. This spiked whey protein is also available on the Kostcutters website. Use the coupon code BUFFGUY
to get eight percent off your first order. BOOM. Sponsored baby. [CAMERA BEEPS] Uh oh, the light is blinking on my camera so I think my memory card’s about to be full. I better wrap this up. Like I said, smash that Like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the Buff Guy Nation YouTube for all my full videos. Shout-out to I Hate Living in Apartments
for letting me do this. I guess I’ll show you one more thing I picked up today. [HEAVENLY HARP] These super organic boneless cage-free chicken breasts that were raised in a nice farm and listened to Jack Johnson’s music every night.
For extra flavor. [CLASSICAL MUSIC] These chickens were raised on a nice farm with two parents. These chickens were fed completely vegan meals that included no corn. These chickens listened to Jack Johnson’s music before going to bed early every night. See, I told ya. These chickens were bred
in the United States of America. [FIREWORKS EXPLODE AND CRACKLE]
ELLLYEAHH. These chickens
were not injected with hormones or steroids. Wait a minute.
These chickens don’t have any steroids in em? Ah dangit! [CAMERA BEEPS and SHUTS OFF]