Quick and easy healthy snack ; Broccoli With The Twist, 5 मिनट में बनाये स्नैक्स

hi guys today when I open my fridge all
I have is boring broccoli it’s Friday evening and I’m in mood of some nice
tasting food without compromising my health by eating junk
this recipe is first time ever on YouTube because it is created by my
husband for me with lots of love this is a healthy dish which tastes like junk
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with the twist heat the pan and add clarified butter or ghee and roast mixed
nuts Here I am using almond cashew pistachio
Brazilian nuts but you can add any nuts including ground then shallow fry them
until they turn light brown then add broccoli loaded turret and cover it with
the lid and let it cook for a minute we are not trying to cook broccoli here
just getting raw flavor out the food now it’s time to add kick dislodge a
tablespoon of chickpea flour add salt black pepper turmeric red chilli powder
and any seasoning that you like here I am using Cajun seasoning then mix it
well then open the lid and mix broccoli well again and coat broccoli the
chickpea flour mix as shown then stir it gently and as few spoons of water if
needed and close the lid let’s sit people are cook it will take 2 minutes
on medium flame then serve it warm this dish can be consumed just like that or
with side of tomato ketchup or hot and sour ketchup and it will become a meal
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