Prolonged Liver Function Enhancement From Broccoli

“Prolonged Liver Function
Enhancement from Broccoli” This study on cooked meat
and the risk of breast cancer in Long Island women added to
“the accumulating evidence that consumption of meats cooked by methods that promote
carcinogen formation may increase [the] risk of
postmenopausal breast cancer.” But, it also offered a clue as to how we may be able
to mediate that risk. A “[m]odest increased risk was [found in older women eating] “the most grilled or barbecued and smoked meats over” their lifetime— about 47% increased odds of breast cancer. But, those same women, who also had a low fruit
and vegetable intake, had a higher odds ratio of 1.74— 74% greater odds. Now, low fruit and vegetable consumption may just be a marker for
unhealthy habits in general, but maybe there’s something in
fruits and vegetables that’s protective. Check out this fascinating study. To review: ”The consumption of cooked meat appears to
predispose individuals to…cancer,” whereas the “[c]onsumption
of cruciferous vegetables is thought to protect against cancer.” If you remember, it’s because cabbage family vegetables boost the activity of the
detoxifying enzymes in our livers. For example, if you feed people
broccoli and Brussels sprouts, they clear caffeine quicker— meaning, if you eat a lot
of these healthy vegetables, you have to drink more
coffee to get the same buzz, because your liver is so revved up. Same thing with cooked meat carcinogens. If you have a side of
broccoli with your meat, you can significantly decrease
carcinogen levels in your body. What they did is they started out with study “subjects consuming
cooked meat meals containing known amounts
of these carcinogens,” and this is the amount of the
carcinogens they were absorbing into their bloodstream, and then peeing out. In period two, they ate the same amount of meat, but added broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Notice there’s a significant drop in the amount of these meat mutagens circulating within their bodies— even though they ate the
same amount of meat. Now, this wasn’t a surprise; I mean, that’s what cruciferous
vegetables do, right? Boost our liver’s ability to clear
chemicals from our bodies. But, this is what blew them away. In period three—
again, same amount of meat— but they took away the veggies. Yet their liver function appeared to remain enhanced, two weeks later. So, there appears to be a
prolonged beneficial effect of cruciferous vegetable consumption. So, you can eat broccoli days or even weeks before the big barbecue, and still retain a little protection. Though, of course, if you eat
grilled veggie burgers instead, it would be even better,
at that barbecue, as apparently no matter how
you cook plant-based foods— even if you deep fry them— no detectable heterocyclic
amines are formed.