Pillar 2: Strategic and Personalized Nutrition

Okay, we made it to pillar 2 managing
inflammation through nutrition and supplementation so on pillar 1 we did all
that work to make sure we restored range of motion function and got rid of the
pain in the tissue and we all know inflammation is a big problem it’s the
giant elephant in the room everyone talks about inflammation the problem is
everyone thinks they know how to manage it and we try to find this
one-size-fits-all for each person the problem is everyone is unique and very
specialized so we take a different approach here at peak what we’re able to
do is a very detailed assessment of your gut microbe what that tells us is
exactly what type of inflammation you’re having and a specific idea of what foods
could actually be inflaming a lot of people think when they healthy they’re
doing good but a lot of foods that are healthy might be inflammatory to other
people we’re also able to manage all that with supplementation and all our
supplementations are included in our process no up sales or nothing crazy
like that now you might be saying hey I know what’s healthy I know what’s good
for me and I thought I was the same way too but in my own personal situation when I
ran my gut test I was actually highly allergic to
almonds and spinach last time I checked those were healthy foods so what we’re
able to do is really narrow in what’s going on with your metabolic issues with
your inflammation and then manage that with supplementation this is done under
the supervision of a doctor that will manage that portion during the whole
part of your care if we don’t fix inflammation all that treatment and all
those functions that we improved in pillar one are for nothing now we’re
ready for pillar 3.