ONE HANDED Vegan + Gluten Free ‘Meatballs!’ [easy vegan recipe]

– All the dinosaurs fear the T-Rex. (Family Feud theme song) (burp) Pardon me. ♪ Stump Kitchen, ♪ ♪ Stump Kitchen, ♪ ♪ Gluten free vegan eats, ♪ ♪ stump-tastic treats. ♪ – Welcome to Stump Kitchen. – Welcome. – This is Faith. – Hi! – So excited, three thumbs up. Well, three and a half. Tell us what are we making today? – Spaghetti. – And meatballs. – Oh yeah. – We are gluten allergy twins. We don’t have Celiac,
but we have bad tummies when we eat it. So yeah, we’re gonna make gluten free and vegan meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs. – Yeah, s’ghetti and meatballs. – S’ghetti and meatballs. Do I remember how to start? You need a food processor. Where’s the top? It’s over there. We’re off to a really good start. (grunts) ‘Cause one of the things
that I miss, being vegan, and to making my own, it’s just so much fun. We have these gorgeous chickpeas. Guess what? We don’t have to use a can opener, because we all know how much I love those. – Oh I hate can openers. My grandpa, when I was young, he got me an electric one because he knew I make so much mess. So you just put it on the
can and push the button and it goes. – Wow, I’d like to be
on your Christmas list. – Do you ever use your teeth? I open bottles with my teeth. Because I used to open
my ravioli like this. – Maybe a butter knife? – Yes. – Okay, take four. – [Faith] How many people does it take to open a can of chickpeas? (makes funny noise) small kitchen – It’s real tiny! I just cut my nails,
so they’re quite short. – And I have fake nails. – Yes! – There we go. – Yes! – Aww yeah! – Yes, yes. So we’re gonna save the (mumbles) because I use it to make
like whipped cream and– – Oh, okay! – Yeah! (mumbles) (knocking on can) – Closes your ears everyone. (glass breaking) Okay. (burp sounds) – We’re good we’re both pigs (laughing) – You want to throw that in the sink? – Sure. – Like actually throw, or you- oh you’re going to place it. (banging sounds) Oh, God! (laughs) – I gotta go halfway, I have half the arm length, I gotta go halfway. – Let’s do- these – What is that? (laughs) – Exactly. We’re going to grate up like I don’t know, maybe a cup. Twins. – I always manage to get like my skin in the cheese grater somehow. – Oh, God! Guess what? You get to do the next one! Don’t cut off your skin. – I make no promises. – Then it won’t be vegan. – I’ll have some T-Rex in it. (laughs) – Is that your nickname? – Yeah. A friend of mine in high school
couldn’t remember my name and he goes, you have short arms, so if I call you T-Rex is that offensive? I’m like normally it would because people would be meaning it derogatory or hurtful. I’m like, but you’re fine, and so every time he’d see me in the hallway he’d call me Rex, and everyone goes “that’s offensive!” I’m like he’s good. – Oh, that’s so sweet. – Everyone now calls
me either Rex or Rexy. – And that’s like super important too, because like, people can’t just call
you whatever they want to. – And that’s what I mean, and like a couple of my friends, and people just go, “Are you sure?” I’m like we’ve talked about it, if he was some random person who I know he was trying to be hurtful- – Yeah. I’d say something. – Any skin missing? – Nope. – Nope you’re good. (laughs) – Just a bunch of zucchini
all over my fingers. (knocking) (birds chirping) Stumps are great for
just getting in there. – And that’s what I was telling Chad. – Just get it in there. – And I’m like I wish I had a stump because Alexis- I’m just going to hire
her to wash my cups. – Oh, I am- I am so going to wash your cups. – Because with me I try
and then it’s like my hand even though it’s little it gets stuck. Normally I either put a cup, and a dishcloth, and then I’ll use a dirty butter knife, and I’ll clean my cups that way. – Abso- Yes! Oh that’s a good technique too. Oh I missed again! – (laughs) – There’s two zucchini heads on the floor, just let’s remember that, can you remind us that they’re there? Okay, good. All right, let’s put these in the- in the what’s this? – Fruit – Food processor. Okay, I’ve never made these with
yellow zucchini before. Thanks for coming on this
adventure with me Faith. I didn’t bring a cloth to this episode so I’m just wiping this down like this. I don’t really know what’s next, so let’s do some herbs for fun. – Okay. – This is basil – It smells so nice – And then this is parsley, but Italian parsley. – It smells like leaves. ( both laughing) – Oh, you get to choose the knife. Here are the choices. – We’ll go with the small one on the left. – This one? – Yeah. – Seems safest. – And remember that- Oh, my God! (laughing) (hip hop music) That was so amazing! – I love you knives. – That’s what everyone says. Let’s do- Let’s just do all of them. And boom. – We’ll- We’ll smoosh it . – Just into the situation
with blades in here. Let’s blend this, and we’ll see if it
makes any more room for- because we still have a (bleep)
ton of other ingredients. (laughing) You know what we’re going to do, we’re going to put it in the big one. Abort mission. One second. Oh my gosh, how do we do this? Yes. Yes! – Teamwork! – Yes! Yes! I did not know how that
was going to go down. Oh yeah! Oh! Always cook with a pal. And then scrape it out with your stump, or whatever you got. (mumbles) What? (blender sounds) Okay, that’s step one. (chopping sounds) Beautiful! And I will grab my juicer, oh what it’s right here. Yeah hold it there you go. Oh ya! How does this feel? What’s going through your head? – Feels pretty darn good. (laughs) How does it feel on your stump? – (distorted voice) Amazing! Now I’ll scoop the seeds out because- – You don’t want seeds in your meatballs. – That’s right. (laughs) That sentence. You don’t want seeds in your meatballs. I mean who doesn’t? I think all of it, why not? Let’s do it, all of it. (smashing sound) Garlic. (banging sound) – Whoa. – And I’ll just stick
it in between two little (mumbles) and twist. – Oh! – And then you’re going to
smell like garlic forever. Oh! Whoa, this one had three babies inside! We went from three to- no one to three. It’s like a what are those dolls that?- (crickets) Russian nesting dolls. – Yes! – They’re like Russian nesting dolls. But garlic. Yum, yum, yum – Right I’d rather be
doing garlic than onion. – That (bleep) makes you cry – That’s why you need
a slap chop for onion. – (laughing) ( chopping sounds) – I’m glad it’s- – Oh, (bleep) – (TV) One slap at a time. – Okay what’s next? We got some salt, no that is not salt, that is oregano. You can just put as
much salt as you think, just follow your heart, Faith. (burps) Like how salty do you want your balls? (laughs) Okay, I’m putting in some nutritional yeast, this is the Devegan cheesy stuff. – Oh! – Smells a bit dusty, but it’s actually quite good. I don’t know, like that maybe? What is next? – Oregano. – Great throw a whole crap tonne in there. Yes! Did you know you can
make your own oat flour? From blending up oats. (Blender sounds) That’s about good (grunts) Maybe a little chicken wing action (chickens clucking) ♪ Blend it up, ♪ ♪ Blend it up, ♪ ♪ Blend it, ♪ ♪ Blend it, ♪ ♪ Blend it up! ♪ (laughing) (fast paced music) – Smells like Italy. – Yes. Gently and carefully, wipe the excess off with my stump, careful children. It’s a little too- – Gunky – Munky What did you say? – I said gunky – And I said munky. – (laughs) – To thicken it up a little bit, we’re just going to add some more oats. Easy peasy. – Lemon squeezey – Oh wait. Wait. I forgot to put the blade in. (uneasy laugh) (grunts) – You want it the
consistency of cookie dough. (background noise drowns out voices) It’s like the texture of toothpaste. – Yup. – Spicy green toothpaste. Parchment paper. Oh. We just have enough! – Oh yeah! – Oh, oh, oh. One moment. (crinkling sound) I’m not sure what we’ll make with this, but we’re going to save it because- – You never know guys. – You never know when
you’re going to need it. (crinkling sounds) We’re going to get a little greasy. – (laughs) – Not like the kale video, greasy. (Pop music) Don’t worry we don’t have
to wear bikinis today. (laughs) – But we are going to
get our limbs greased up, because then it doesn’t
stick to us as bad. – Oh! – That’s kind of a lot, but that’s okay. So, now we’re moisturized
and we’re ready to mix. I don’t know like golf ball size maybe? Yeah, see look at that. – Oh ya. – No sticking baby! Boom! Mine’s kind of big but that’s okay. Big balls little balls, we love all the balls. ♪ – Do your balls hang low
do they wobble to and fro? ♪ ♪ Can you tie them in a knot? ♪ ♪ Can you tie them in a bow? ♪ – Tell us how you’re feeling. – I feel like Oscar the Grouch. – (laughs) – That’s what these
meatballs remind me of. – Look at all of our different size balls. – Small balls, some big balls, juicy balls. – (laughs) Some green balls – Some green balls. – You might want to get that checked out. In the oven they go. 375 I don’t know how long, maybe 20 minutes, until they get kind of golden-y or so. (silly music) (romantic music) Oh ya! Look how beautiful. Oh hello! – Oh ya! – Let’s try our gluten-free
vegan meatballs. – Woo-hoo – Oh wow! – I actually really, really like that. – Oh hello. Oh yeah, that’s got some flavor to it. Oh this is very good those
fresh herbs are like- – I think that’s what did it. – I think so too. – Because this is my
first ever vegan meatball- and yup. – Yay! – Oh ya, it turned out awesome! (slurping noodles) Don’t take me on a date, I’m not dinner friendly. – (laughs) Neither am I. Thank you for being here. – Thank you for having me. – You must come back. – This was a lot of fun. – Yes. High five, and now we hug. Oh you give such good hugs (mumbles) right in there. If you haven’t already, I would love it if you subscribed to Stump Kitchen on YouTube, that would be so great. You can also support Stump Kitchen on Patreon if you want to. You can give it a big
thumbs up down below. Leave a comment. How do you like your balls? – Do you like them green like we do? – Do you like them vegan, do you like them non-vegan? How do you like them? We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen – Oh ya! Bye! ♪ Stump kitchen, ♪ ♪ Stump kitchen, ♪ ♪ Gluten free vegan eats, ♪ ♪ Stump-tastic treats ♪ – [Faith] Oh ya that was a lot of fun! – We did it, we did it! – Do you want some green balls, Chad? – (laughs) This is what I get for not
cooking with a garbage bowl, always cook with a garbage bowl. I forgot this time. Do you know what we forgot to do? You know how you check
when spaghetti is ready? – Mhm (throws spaghetti) Oh that’s ready! – (laughs) – My friend, her name is Abby. When I hug her I have to do it, because I’m boob level, I go- (mumbles) every time I hug her. – Oh my God. – Just motorboat her? – Mhm. – Oh my gosh. – There you go Abby, you got a shout-out. (laughs) About your boobies! – Hi Abby thanks for watching, please don’t unsubscribe.