On Demand Fulfillment Supplements, Vitamins & Beauty Products / Drop Shipping Services for Business

On demand fulfillment of supplements, vitamins
and beauty products – Hello, my name is Jen and today I’m going
to explain how you can start a brand new business online with $100 in your pocket! You must watch this video all the way until
the end, as I’m going to explain the most important things about on demand fulfillment
services. You need to have a clear understanding of
how it all works before you start. So sit tight, spend 5 minutes of your time-
and listen. Welcome to the 21st Century – today, you can
create your own brand of supplements, vitamins or beauty products without any upfront investment
in inventory. On demand fulfillment by MIT NUTRA is offering
you services, where we worry about your inventory and you only have to worry about promoting
your brand and collecting funds. I’m going to explain step by step how it works
– it’s very simple! On demand fulfillment is so different from
having to private label manufacture and purchase inventory upfront. Let’s say you do not have an option of on
demand fulfillment and you want to start your own brand of supplements. First, you would have to a find manufacturer
willing to private label your product. Every manufacturer is busy serving large clients,
and your goal is to spend less money on developing inventory. You are so excited to start, but nobody is
even willing to discuss anything further with you, when you ask for 5 bottles to try. Further, every manufacturer has a minimum
order quantity of 2,000 bottles. So in order to try something, you have to
order 2,000 bottles of product minimum. Private label manufacturers of supplements,
beauty products and vitamins, do not print labels or boxes in house. You have to find printing company. Every printing company requires you to buy
10,000 labels minimum. They offer you smaller label quantities, but
the difference in price between 1,000 labels and 10,000 labels will be around $300. Go figure. So now you paid over $1000 for the labels
and shipped it to your private label manufacturer for labeling your product. Let’s say you are buying product at $4 per
bottle. In order to get your product out of the door,
you already invested in 2,000 bottles, plus 1,000 labels, roughly $9,000 for just one
product. I’m not even talking about production times. Labels take about 2 weeks and manufacturing
of your product is 3-8 weeks, depending on how busy the manufacturer is with their existing
clients. So now you waited, paid all the money and
you have your product on hand. You list it on Amazon only to find out that
you are selling one bottle per week. Now you are stuck with the problem of this
product not selling at all and you have years worth of useless inventory that will expire
in two years. Trust me 50% of people like that end up throwing
it in the garbage after it expires. On demand fulfillment solves upfront investment
problems. In order to start your own brand of supplements,
vitamins or beauty products, all you need is an idea and your label design. Pick what kind of products you would like
to sell out of our huge list of supplements vitamins and beauty products. We always have these products bottled and
ready to be labeled with your own label and shipped directly to your clients- without
you spending a penny on the inventory. Our software is based on the Shipstation platform
and we can connect to any shopping cart / checkout provider on the market in order to fulfill
orders. It doesn’t matter if you are selling on Amazon,
eBay, Shopify or any other popular check out platform, we can accommodate your needs, connect
to your store and ship your own branded products directly to your clients when orders come. You don’t have to worry about anything. Once we approve your label, you are all set
to list these products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify or anywhere else. Once orders come in, we get notification and
we ship your orders automatically, billing your card on file for our services. That’s how on demand fulfillment works! Our service fees are in pennies. You pay shipping charge, charge for packaging
and $2 to us for service. That’s it! Now most important, you are getting products
at the same wholesale prices as others. On average, profit margins are 200% or more! Our on demand fulfillment service by MIT NUTRA
is the most accurate in the industry and we are ready to start working for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s one bottle or one
million bottles, we are always here to work for you and help you achieve goals without
enormous upfront investment! Do not hesitate -contact us right now! Our link is displayed in the description of
this video. Have fun and we hope to see you becoming the
next big brand!