Nuvaring Side Effects, Birth Control Weight Gain

So with the Nuvaring we are actually talking
about a circular piece of hormonal birth control. Now I have used the Nuvaring and if you are
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when a new video comes out. 00:55 I have not used everything but I have
used quite a few different things because honestly it kind of takes a minute before
you’re able to find what works for you, so that’s why I kind of have a lot of knowledge
in this plus the sex. I’m into the women’s health like that so… 01:16 So unfortunately I do not have an actual
nuvaring here to show you like I normally am able to do but I will insert a picture
here of what it looks like. So the packaging is usually silver; so it’s
actually a circle of plastic, okay, but don’t be afraid…don’t be afraid it also contains
hormonal birth control but like a lot of the other birth control methods that I have already
reviewed I gotta let you know this ladies, I gotta let you know that it does not protect
you against STI or HIV okay? 01:51 So I’ve already told you it’s a circular
please piece of plastic you probably like okay what you’re gonna do bang what you’re
gonna do with it is you’re going to insert it inside of your but the good thing about
it is once you insert it you don’t have to do anything you just leave it in place for
three weeks you will leave it in place for three weeks and then you will take it and
then you will go without anything being inserted you’ll have your cycle and then you insert
it back on their fourth week that’s how you get you’re protection 02:24 As far as the medication goes, it basically
works the same as the birth control pill or the birth control patch in the fact that hormones
are going to be the reason why you have birth control protection and because of that there
are also some side effects and I will tell you some of the side effects: 02:43 Vaginal infections and irritation, vaginal
itching or discharge, headaches ,nausea vomiting ,bloating, stomach cramps, changes in weight
or in your weight or your appetite are all some of the side effects to this medication,
which they are pretty common in any kind of hormonal birth control. Now your chance of vaginal infections and
irritation, vaginal itching and discharge, those do increase because of the fact that
you’re actually inserting something inside. 03:18 One of the interesting things about
nuvaring is the NuvaRing company says if you insert it any time during the first five days
of your cycle which is like well usually last five days but if you inserted during your
cycle then you get immediate protection against getting pregnant but if you start any other
day it’s gonna take up to seven days before it starts to work so for those seven days
before or after you inserted you’re going to need to use another form of birth control 03:53 And also a question that’s often asked
is if you’re still on your cycle do you go ahead and reinsert the new ring even if it’s,
you know you’re still menstruating, in this incident, yes you go ahead and insert it even
though you’re on your cycle and I’m talking about if it’s your off week and then it’s
time to restart you go ahead and start it even if you’re on your cycle. Some women have reported having a lighter
cycle a lighter in a shorter cycle when using the new and it and it is actually shown to
be 98% effective now when it comes to inserting the ring I find that if you just like to say
it’s a circle I’m sorry I don’t have one here to demonstrate it to you but if you just squeeze
both sides of the circle and just kind of grasp it like this then go ahead and insert
it into being that way then I find if you just release it and use the tip to press it
on the tip of your finger to just press it on up as high as you can that usually works
and you do need a prescription because the NuvaRing unfortunately it’s not over-the-counter. 05:07 You’ll have to go to your doctor and
they will have to prescribe it to you if you do have any kind of side effects and you think,
“Mm, this ain’t right,” make sure you let your doctor know what’s going on. Alright so that wraps it up for this pretty
quick video about the NuvaRing 05:22 If you do have any questions leave a
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