nutrition project explination

tomorrow you will be starting your
nutrition project. This that you see right now is going to be a paper
handout so you’ll pick these up tomorrow and through it it has all the directions
that you’re going to need as you can see it’s quite a lengthy packet but it’s
going to go over the course of three to four days so each day you have
directions on how to get logged into the super tracker on choose
which the other videos that I’ve uploaded explains that in further detail
once you’ve logged your food you’re then going to find this button down here at
the bottom and click it open. you’re going, when you get it, you’ll see your books now mine looks a little different because I have the teacher version but
you’ll see this in your online backpack essentially so you’re gonna click on the
orange box to open up to your online textbook you’re going to go to chapter
10 which is nutrition for health you’re gonna start at lesson one because it
tells you here or sorry lesson two you’re gonna go to chapter 10 lesson
two so when you go to your book you’re gonna go to chapter 10 lesson two and
hit go which is going to take you to your online text and everything you need
to answer this is found within this chapter at the top you have your other
lessons that you can switch to at the bottom you have your multiple pages that
you can go to and if you look at your directions it says identify the six main
nutrients in the graphic organizer which you will put into each of these then you
are going to create an additional bubble to find out what food groups they can be
found in so when you look here you go through
this is your first one this is your second one your third one so on and so
forth so I’d look through and you read through the chapter you’ll answer the
questions now when you come back for day two you’ll log back into myplate and you will log your food for the day then
you’ll go back to mcgraw-hill and you’ll click chapter 10 lesson two and three
this one does both and you will find your answers as you read so as you find
nutrients that provide energy you’ll see if you go back to the first page you
have a header that says nutrients that provide energy so the three nutrients
would be these three which is where what you’re putting here here and here and
then whatever one you put here find what type different types there are and what
it does so its function and then with other nutrients as you go through you’re
gonna see another headline other nutrients which you’ll put your option
one your option two and the third one is water and again so you’ll put those
through here what types there are if there is a type and then what they do to
get your Dietary Guidelines you’re going to go to the last page go maybe it’s a
third page all right oh it’s in this one it didn’t
that’s what that’s why it’s less than three I forgot I’m you’re gonna click on
this myplate link which is gonna take you to the MyPlate website and here you’re
gonna click on my plate which is gonna bring you all the different options
these are your food groups which is what you will put you put in these boxes and
then you’re looking for boys and girls in that age range because that’s your
age range and you find that by finding these daily tables hitting the plus sign
and then finding your answer and that’s what you’re gonna put here on day three
you’re using the nutrition label to answer these questions and then once you do as well as this chart there’s a video explaining how to turn those
charts in from your food logging and then you will answer some reflection
questions once you have completed all of your food logging that’s when you focus
on the reflection questions you can’t do that before you log three days worth of
food and then there’s your rubric to explain the expectations if you have any
questions please ask but that will be the assignment that you will be working
on it is obviously not October so this will be due February 28th which is next