Nutrition Lecture Part 2: Optimizing Performance

I don’t kow to reach people on the subject. I don’t care so much either, I mean I don’t want to see any of you die a horrible death. Tragedy comes where you don’t
have the information and you got it now. You got it now. You have two journals, and one of these, Journal 15, deals
extensively with enough references to keep
you reading for 15 years, I mean that literally. Reading an hour every night on the
subject of metabolic derangement and hyperinsulinism. Issue 15 will tell you how to give you the
foundation, the backing to understand meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. Issue 21 is the flip side of this issue and
about optimizing performance. Now, you will not through a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, you will not be so lucky as to
optimize your output. To get a sub-3 Fran what I need you to do, is I need you to weigh and measure your meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. You gotta weigh and measure. And, oh, I wish it weren’t true. I may have
told you earlier I wished the path to fitness were riding expensive
bicycles and drinking beer. I wish that’s how we did it. It doesn’t work. What you have to do is eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, and you gotta get a scale and you gotta get a measuring cup and
you need accuracy and precision to your consumption or you’ll never get in that jet stream
of elite performance. You want to have top fuel-type
performance, you need top fuel. You can’t just piss into the gas tank. I wish it were otherwise. Now, why do I say this? What do I base this on? Well look how easy this is. No one’s ever demonstrated to me
anything but inferior capacity on a diet where they didn’t weigh and measure. Now am I telling you have to weigh and measure your food? No. On some level, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll go out
with you right now, we’ll eat a banana split and drink beer. But what I’m going to tell you is if you really
think you gonna get somewhere in terms your performance on this shit diet, I’m gonna tell you you’re high on crack–it ain’t gonna happen. I’ve worked with tens of
thousands people, no one’s ever done it. I can take any cohort of people and get one of them to finally listen and go, ‘I’m gonna weigh and measure my food.’ And not forever, but to start. And every once in awhile you gotta go back and weigh and measure ’cause it’s funny, all the food you don’t like, the
requirements will diminish. Yes, I only one spear of asparagus and ice cream, I think it was a pound, wasn’t it? You’ll morph in the wrong direction. I can
take a group of people, any cohort, get one of them to pay attention
to what I’m saying and he’ll pull away. More pull-ups, I promise. There’s very few things you
can do short of doing pull-ups to get more pull ups then eating the way we recommend it. Why
is that? I don’t know, I’ve got a couple of weird theories, it doesn’t really matter. I
don’t care, but the truth is you eat the recommendation, you eat the way we’re
recommending in Journal Number 21, Issue 21, the one that’s about optimizing performance and you will get more pull-ups. Yeah, you could lose some weight–yeah, you’ll lose 3 pounds and pickup 15 pull-ups, but that’s not what caused that. Eddie’s got a great story. One of his SEAL buddies, our friend Grady, who never beat Eddie at anything, started Zoning. And ran away. Eddie, what happened? This guy’s a little smaller than I am, pretty easy to happen, right? We work out together quite often when we were working together, and you know every once in a while he’d get me at something more endurance like, but I had him on the strength stuff, barbell movements and stuff like that. He’d beat me here I’d beat him here. Well, shortly thereafter, coming off of a seminar same concept, he’d listen, listen, listen. He finally did, but he didn’t tell me. Fucker. Just to see what would happen. We’re squatting and thrustering and he started to exceed me in weight. I’m like, looking at my body and I’m like looking at him and I’m like, what the fuck is going on here? So now, I’m like, I have to do the same thing. That’s usually what gets your attention. If you’re that type of person, is the performance angle. Someone who normally you beat and you best constantly. And now you’re getting bested. Then you’re like, ‘I’m gonna try this now.’ There has never been a cohort of
individuals, here they are performing in some kind of collective sense, let’s say here’s up is good. I can pick any one
of these and put him out here ahead of the pack through
weighing and measuring their food. And when I hear sub 3-minute Fran, sub 7-minute Helen, 4-something on Fight Gone Bad, I know something about the way you’re eating. There’s a one-to-one correspondence between elite CrossFit performance in
accuracy and precision to the consumption. Is it possible, is it likely that as an average athlete, as an average CrossFitter that I can become an extraordinary CrossFitter, an extraordinary athlete by changing my diet? Yes. But maybe more to the point that
it’s impossible if you don’t. That’s, you know, so let’s remove the barrier and find out. I can tell by listening, I know you’re tough and commitment and focus are going to overcome genetic limitations. There’s an interesting thing in our Nicoles and Amundsons and Everetts and AFT and OPT, you know the Canadian boys and that is just their rigor. And so we’re all sitting around at night tossing beers, laughing and their over here in the corner, you know they’re gonna go to bed at
20 minutes ’cause they’re on schedule and if you can–not Nicole. (laughter) But if you’ll commit to the effort, you’ll
stand a much better chance, much better chance. We’ve had this fantastic experience of
playing with this cohort and one of them pulls away. This in fact is
what happened to Greg Amundson, and then later it was Mike Weaver and
and then Dave Leys. You know the balance in this 40-30-30 milieu, what happens is that the the burning the body fat just is wide open and what you’re gonna find is performance improvement, performance
improvement, performance improvement and at some point you’re gonna want to stop that leaning or you’ll get too lean to perform well. You’ll find a plateau in your output and
there you ratchet it up. I do the same thing for hard gainer, just
to kinda keep them happy and keep moving. Hard gainer, I don’t mind them. I’m not trying to get a hard gainer a rip, I’d like to put some muscle on ’em, give them some satisfaction that way. You know, get the strength up. But the control rod is those mono-unsaturated fats and the first step when we get you as lean as you want to be, before I get a diminution in performance, I want to double the fat blocks. Take you to XX and 2X. And if you’re like, ‘Wow, I feel a whole lot better,’ I might try 3X and if it doesn’t feel a lot better, you just get a little thicker, then I’d go back to the 2X. But I would let performance tell me what to do. Now, in making modifications, I wanna see any can change in
physiognomy, what’s happening and I’ve got a lot of room to play with if
someone comes in, they’ve got some extra padding, you know. I would
like to lean them out, at the point that they’re like, ‘Wow, she’s
ripped, he’s ripped.’ I’m gonna be more careful. There’s a couple interesting things here. We’re a part of the crew that brought this
nutritional strategy to the Stanford swim team, and a bunch of the women Sanders, Evans, world record holders, they’d get sub-13 percent body fat and become amenorrheic, their periods would stop, and we had them down 6-7 percent and normal menses, and so it’s an interesting bit there. But if the formula for calculating what is relevant, what is
pertinent, what is the variables that matter in the prescription, are lean body mass and activity level. Done.
If you are pregnant or lactating, it makes a slight difference, there’s no inherent difference for men or women, for young people, old people. I wanna know how active you are and I
wanna know what you lean body is. And everything else is not germane, not
pertinent, not relevant, extraneous information, If you’re lactating in terms of that activity
level, by the way lactating or pregnant or both, what you get is an extra tenth on that activity level, which is really not that significant. It’s well within the normal variances in your consumption, based on
appetite and vagaries and contingencies of everyday
living. Schedule and time and all that. And that’s the problem there in not
weighing and measuring. There are normal fluctuations of schedule and appetite and all that are way more granular and way coarser than the fine path required to optimize
performance. That’s why I say you won’t get there by
luck. None of our people that just paleo things–meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar– none of those people have been top
performers. All of my top performers have been weigh-and-measure folks. Does
bring into mind that we do know of one supplement that’s effective and that’s EPA, fish oil, and not Omega 3’s in general, because that would also include linoleic acid, and I don’t want
you getting that and I don’t want flax either. If you’re are markedly
deficient, you’ll get some benefit, but as soon as
you’re not, as soon as you not deficient, you’ll spill over and it’ll have the opposite effect. It’s part of a crew that undertook some rather rigorous and
detailed clinical investigations,
experimentation with elite athletes and essentially activated acid supplementation, and we fucked up a lot of good
athletes with it. Now those have you deploying, if you going down range I’d back off before. You will thin your
blood and dramatically. I cut myself shaving once and an hour later
I let go and it just drip, drip, drip. Whoa, I’ve got a fuckin’ leak, you know. Toilet paper, nothing’s working, I had to keep my finger there, cold water, turned upside down, get my
blood pressure to drop. I wasn’t taking that much. It decreases cell membrane, it does a
bunch of things, but one of those is decreases celebrate membrane motility and there’s a cool experiment
you can do with a microscopic projector, you take a goldfish, poor fucker, wrap it in wet cotton and put
the fin under the beam and look at it on a
projector, and you can actually see red blood cells competing to lineup
because they go through the capillaries one at a time. There’s a little crowding and nudging, and if someone screamed fire there’d be a little clogging at the
door here and of course Eddie would be be first through, but the rest of us bunched to the side and you’d for your time and you squirt through
eventually. If the narrowing were only one at a time. Well with the fish oil, with the decrease
celebrate membrane motility, increased motility, rather, what
we get is the insulin resistance that causes the decrease motility. What we see is that the cell membrane become very
fluid and they just … like magic, race through and you’ll actually get a
substantial increase in VO2 max just through taking fish oil alone, but woe be to you if you should fall down and skin your knee. I mean, don’t go crazy with this shit, you
may end up regretting it. We haven’t seen serious injury yet, but
the potential is there. You know, there’s all this talk
about molecular distillation and Sears talks a great talk on this thing, the
trick to heavy metals like mercury, the trick will
be getting it in the fat. The affinity the protein has, like
a 50 times greater affinity for the molecule than the fat does. You can’t get mercury in oil, that’s just not really a worry. Still, you know, I want, I like clean supplement, it is really clean. And dose, you know, I make
this easy for you. I’d take two or three a meal and if you’re
gonna go down range, I would knock that off earlier. If you want these guys, the pager
goes off, you’re gone, I’d give serious thought as to
whether I’d play this game or not. I sure as hell wouldn’t go more than one or two per meal.