Nutrition Grows on You!

The project that my class has been
working on is called Nutrition Grows on You. So what this was is taking our
knowledge from in the classroom and applying it to an elementary school, so
we went out into the community and taught elementary school kids and taught
them a little bit about nutrition and more specifically cruciferous vegetables.
Cruciferous vegetables are generally green, leafy vegetables named for their
cross-like stems and they have things like broccoli, kohlrabi, spinach, fiber, and
iron and vitamin K and they keep you healthy. We divided our group into three
separate pods and had them read different posters that contained nutrition information, health benefits, and basically any information that goes with cruciferous vegetables. It was a lot of fun. We were a bit nervous going in because most of us hadn’t worked with a lot of
kids or a whole classroom full of kids but Chef Polo made the food
demonstration really easy and the teachers at the schools were super fun
to work with. The kids were way more into cruciferous vegetables than I thought
they’d be. They got pretty excited. They also really enjoyed getting chef
hats that they got to prepare themselves, aprons that they wore for our food
lesson, and just being a part of learning in the classroom. It’s very important
that students get an opportunity to learn basic nutrition for their bodies
at a young age because it helps them grow and develop healthy habits from
starting young so they could become healthy adults and help out their
community. There’s one thing being in a classroom and learning about nutrition
and learning about the nutrients and there’s another thing about actually
applying that out in the field, so this immersive learning project gave me an
opportunity to practice some of the things that I will be asked to do in the
community like give nutrition education lessons to elementary school kids, to
work places, all sorts of things, so it was really more of an application
experience which I really enjoyed.