Muscle Growth Supplements: 3 Powerful Supplements To Get Huge

Hey, what’s up, guys? Troy here with
I want you to look at three powerful muscle growth supplements. So these are three supplements
that’ll help you with your training needs. One of them is gonna help you pre-work out,
one of them is gonna help you throughout the day and one of them is a fantastic intra-workout
supplement. You maintain an anti-catabolic state. So let me get right into it. The first
one is what I call like a mix of protein powder. So, you know, a lot of guys talk about, you
know, do I want a whey protein?, do I want a casein protein? And, you know, what’s the
difference between all of them? So, what I’ve been doing recently is, you know, just, I’m
just buying a protein powder that has them all. So, this is a mix of five protein sources.
It’s an 8-hour release of protein. They’re & you know & so they claim. So, it has a fast
release, a medium release and a slow release. Your slow releases are like your casein, and
your egg protein, your & let’s see, the fast release here. They have like the whey prat
& the whey protein hydrolysate and the whey protein isolate. And then your medium release
is like your typical whey protein concentrate. It also has glutamine and a few added BCAAs.
So, why I like doing this? It’s just good to give your body, you know, different forms
of amino acids. You don’t want & you don’t want your body to get used to the exact same
kind of protein every single day. So, I know a lot of you guys are probably just taking
like a whey protein concentrate, which is fine, but I just felt there’s a few more benefits
when I start mixing in like slower-digesting proteins and I start drip feeding my muscles
all these quality amino acids. So, if you only have money to buy one kind of protein
powder, I highly recommend buying something like that, you know, that has like this blend
of proteins that has a fast, medium and slow-digesting source of protein. So, you can take it intra-workout,
you can take it before you work out and see, now you can finally take it post-workout.
It’s not ideal because now all of it is like super fast-digesting, but it still has, you
know, the right amount of fast-digesting proteins for you to increase your protein synthesis
and, you know, initiate that muscle recovery growth post-workout. So, you know, if you
guys wanna save some money, you know, this was & this really wasn’t all that expensive.
It was like $1 per serving, so, you know, for $1 a scoop, I’m getting 32g of protein,
which is, you know, really good. So, the second powder you notice & compared that’s like fast
food and all the crap that you guys eat, I guarantee there’s not 32g of quality protein
in, you know, a Chicken McNuggets or a Big Mac or, you know, whatever the & you know,
whatever you guys are eating at the fast food joints these days. So, you know, if you break
it down, you know, you guys, you know & just think of it as an investment for your health
and your body, but at only about $1 per serving, I think it’s one of the best muscle growth
supplements overall. Another thing & beta alanine. Now, this is a fantastic pre-workout
supplement. What this is gonna do is it’s going to delay your muscle fatigue and it’s
gonna actually enhance your muscular endurance. So, either things like really heavy compound
lifts, or maybe you’re doing high-intensity interval training. It’s gonna help you increase
your muscle performance and time when you’re, you know, exerting the maximum amount of energy
and you’re just going through these really intense training sessions. So, if you notice,
like a lot of, like, pre-workout powders will contain beta alanine for this very reason,
but what I’ll do is actually I’ll just take & I’ll just mix beta alanine and creatine
together. So, remember that creatine increases our muscle output. It’s gonna help increase
our strength, help us put more overweight on our muscles, help us lift more in all of
our compound movements, and then beta alanine is gonna help with the muscular endurance
and delaying that muscle fatigue. So, when you have creatine and you have beta alanine
together, you really have the perfect combination pre-workout to, you know, go through a maximum
intensity workout. So, this stuff & I mean, I got this stuff a long time ago. This lasts
for a really long time. It’s got 500g of beta alanine. So, if you just compare that, like
an entire tub of pre-workout that probably costs like $30 or $40, you maybe have 30g
of beta alanine and a bunch of filler and junk ingredients. So, imagine how much money
you can save if you just buy pure creatine and pure beta alanine, because I guarantee
you, if you just take a good amount of both, you’re gonna have the exact same results as
that as you are with your pre-workouts. Add some natural caffeine, or drink some coffee,
and you guys will have the same effect. So, I highly recommend just buying like & this
now sports company, they pretty much make every single amino acid in its pure form & but
what I highly recommend is picking up some beta alanine and drinking it before you work
out. And another one & this isn’t the cheapest one, but it says “flavored BCAA drinks” & and
I will do this intra-workout & I’ll do this while I work out to stay anti-catabolic &, also
drink it throughout the day when I’m training like once, twice a day, and I’m trying to
build a max amount of lean muscle mass while simultaneously burning body fat. So, this
stuff is metabolized in your muscle instead of your liver. So, this is gonna help initiate
that protein synthesis, it’s gonna help you recover faster, it’s gonna help you build
and become anabolic all day long. So, this stuff is highly anti-catabolic. Your branched
chain amino acids are your body’s most important muscle-building amino acids. So, these CAAs
are so crucial if you guys are training really, really heavy, really intensely. And a lot
of protein powders have added BCAAs. I just & For my needs & I maybe have a little bit
different needs than you, so I’m training really intensely right now, I’m trying to
build muscle while simultaneously burning fat, so, you know, sometimes I’ll do a weight
room session, and then I’ll do like a high-intensity interval training session. So, when that happens,
you know, really intense days, especially with my high-intensity interval training,
I’ll sip this stuff, just so I stay anti-catabolic, I don’t lose muscle mass, I constantly initiate
that protein synthesis, so you can keep on building new muscle mass. So, those are three
powerful muscle growth supplements & you know, maybe not your mainstream three supplements,
but they’re three supplements that I found really beneficial, and I think they’ll help
you guys too.