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The topic for todays’ video is ‘full day diet plan for muscle building’ In this video I will be sharing all the meals you should be eating throughout the day for muscle building Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and pre-post workout meals Lets’ start our video First we will talk about how you should begin your day Many people drink lukewarm water in the morning which is a good thing But here I am adding 1 tsp sugar and 2 pinches of salt The reason for this is that it will keep your muscles hydrated throughout the day and along with that it will improve your digestive system Along with this you can eat handful of almonds and walnuts And after 30 minutes to 1 hour you can have your breakfast Firstly I would like to inform you all that I am no nutritionist But I do have an experience of 20 years and accordingly I can suggest what to eat for meals during the day if you are looking to put on some muscle First meal of the day is breakfast In this you can eat white oats I have taken 40 gm white oats here, boiled in plain water and I have added salt and cinnamon to it Second item is sapota (chikoo), do eat it in your breakfast For protein source we are eating 8 eggs here in which 2 are whole and 6 are egg whites only Along with this you can eat a sandwich made with brown bread and the filling inside is made of approx. 100 grams mashed potato This is a complete meal inclusive of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats This will help you stay energetic throughout the day 2-2.5 hours after your breakfast you should eat a post breakfast meal One thing you need to keep in mind is that in the name of caloric surplus you cannot eat anything and everything You need to keep the quality and quantity in check And keep these things in mind I have given options for post breakfast meal and these are Chickpeas (safed chole) which have been soaked overnight then boiled in a pressure cooker, approx. quantity is 150 gm 150 gram of paneer We will mix these two in a bowl and add some chaat masala for taste On top of it I will add 5ml of flaxseed oil to it You can add some chopped onions and tomatoes to it as well I will also eat an apple here and with this it becomes a healthy option for midday snack After this I will proceed towards my lunch In lunch you can eat 250gm of chicken This has been prepared in a gravy consisting of tomatoes and onions This is chicken breast Along with this eat 200gm of white rice A lot of people prefer brown rice as well, you can eat that too but I eat white rice as it is easy to digest Take 1 bowl of moong dal and 1 quarter plate of salad along with it for sure Because it is a muscle building diet you need to maintain protein and carbs balance properly If you want to know the calorie calculation, it is very simple too 50% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, 35% of calories should be from proteins and 15% calories should come from fat Now let us move towards our next meal which is pre-workout meal It is a very important meal and for this you can eat 1 bowl of curd, add approx. 150gm of boiled potatoes to it I will add some salt to it for taste and mix it well Along with this I will eat 6 boiled egg whites as my protein source This is a great meal for pre-workout but you need to make sure that you eat it at least 2 hours before your workout Because only then it will digest properly and can provide you energy for your workout After workout we will eat our post workout meal In which the first thing you need to consume is whey protein in 200ml of water You can take either isolate or concentrate according to your preference Along with that you can eat 250gm of sweet potato and 1 banana If you can carry this meal with you to the gym, well and good Because you need to eat this meal within 15-20 minutes after your workout Only then the muscle breakdown which happens during the workout can start repairing 1 hour after your workout you will do your omega meal A lot of you might be wondering what an omega meal is In this meal you will consume good fat 5 ml of MCT oil, 2 gm of fish oil and 2 gm CLA As you need to intake 15% of your calories from fat, to fulfil the daily requirement I have added this meal here 1.5 hours after your omega meal you should eat the last meal of the day i.e. dinner In this you can eat 250gm chicken but if you want to eat fish you can eat that too For carbs you can eat 3 rotis Along with this you need to take 1 bowl of green veggies Here I am using bottle gourd and beans but you can eat any other gree veggies as well This is my complete meal micro and macronutrients which will help you a lot for muscle building But eat this meal 2 hours before going to sleep so that it digests properly With this all our meals for muscle building are complete This was our video for today And in this video I have shared with you all what to eat, when to eat And what is the importance of each meal if you want to build muscle Along with this just keep two things in check First, how is your training? This means that how much do you exercise weekly and what is the level of your focus Second, make sure your sleep pattern is good A lot of people sleep for very few hours due to which they are unable to gain muscle I hope you all liked the video If you enjoyed it please press the like button Share this video with your friends and family because knowledge should be spread amongst everyone I will keep bring more such informational videos for you all And will try to bring my best of knowledge for you all Till then, do subscribe to our channel Share the video Take care