MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health – An international student’s experience

Hi, my name’s Paris and I’m doing my Masters of Science in Nutrition Physical Activity and Public Health. So far the teaching has been really, really exceptional. Our lecturers and all of our professors are very prominent and very relevant in their fields. Every time you walk into a lecture you know you are going to be getting up-and- coming research that is happening right now in public health. You do get thrown a lot of research and a lot of facts surrounding different topics But you also get first hand experience with the different measurement tools that you may come across if you do choose to be a researcher in this field. I thought I was going to be terrified of all my profs coming into this just because that’s how it kind of was in your undergrad but, they’ve, like, exceeded all my expectations! They always remind you constantly in lectures, that if you need help come to them and ask. When it comes down to your final assignments for each of the courses you really get to choose what you wanna research in and what you would wanna write your topic on and that’s going to be the same for our dissertations too. I’m looking at doing my dissertation on mental health and physical activity so like, especially around the social media side. So, following, like, those typical fitness models and how it affects your mental health as well, so… But, I would really like to go into something around policy development, within that area. All of the students in the course are really interesting. They are all from different, like, different parts of the world, but also different walks of life. We have a few mature students, so, like, they’ve come out of their profession to go back and do more school. They have experience right in the field that you want to go into… So, its really nice ’cause you actually get to learn from them as well as your professors But, even all of the other different international students We have a couple of students from China, Taiwan… We have a guy from Iceland… And it’s just really interesting to, like, experience those different cultures as well. Bristol has been a great city! I would probably end up just living here for the rest of my life if I can! Its a really lively and, like, cultured city as well. I would never find myself bored. If you just go out, there is always something that is going to be going on. The social life here is probably second to none!