Male Weight Gain Journey – 130 Pounds to 160 Pounds! For All of the Skinny Guys Out There…

What’s up YouTube? My name is Andre, and I want to have you,
join me, on a weight gain journey. Yeah, so my whole life I’ve been really skinny. I mean in high school I weighed like 90 pounds,
In college I was around 110, it wasn’t until junior year of college where I started working
out and I shot up to around 125. Right now I’m right around 130, which is okay
but it’s not really where I want to be I kind of want to gain a bit more weight. So I really just want to document and record
my progress to help myself stay motivated and see how I’m doing
As well as to help others who might be in the same situation as myself so throughout
my journey I’ll be uploading photos of myself, before, during,
and after, and I might do reviews of products geared toward gaining muscle mass
and products that might be good for nutrition for those who are really just trying to work
out and get into fitness, And really I just want to have a good channel
on YouTube, that’s geared toward weight gain as opposed to weight loss
because there are hundreds of weight loss videos on YouTube but it’s very hard to find
channels on weight gain. So hopefully you’ll find my channel interesting,
and hopefully you’ll take the time to subscribe so you can follow me throughout my journey!