Kyäni Wellness TV: Episode 012–Top 10 Reasons to Supplement

Hello, and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas, member of the Scientific Advisory
Board. And in this video, we’re going to talk about the top 10 reasons why you
should supplement, especially if you think you’re healthy. Stay tuned. In this video, we’re gonna talk about the
top 10 reasons why you should supplement, especially if you believe that you are
healthy, and it very well may be the case, but I strongly encourage you keep an
open mind as I go through this top 10 list. So, without any further ado, let’s
jump right in. #10: are you consuming six to ten
servings of fruits and vegetables every single day, and I mean every day,
consistently? You know, I had the great fortune and opportunity to speak around
the world and I asked audiences this question every single time and less than
5% of hands will go up when I ask this question. And look, I get it, I understand
and I consider myself to be someone who’s somewhat healthy, but I have a hard
time myself getting in those six to ten servings of fruits and vegetables. I mean,
life gets busy, I’m traveling, I’m on the road, organic sources aren’t always
available, I can’t get to the farmers market, or I don’t have time to do the
prep, or whatever the reasons are. Life can sometimes get in the way and
supplementation is a key part of my overall health strategy, I’m going to share a
personal story at the end of this so definitely stay tuned, to helping me to
ensure that I’m getting my body the water-soluble antioxidants and the
powerful nitric oxide to help support my cardiovascular health and arterial
health as well as the fat soluble antioxidants that the body needs. These
are foundational nutritionals that everyone needs that help them to
maintain their health and vitality. #9: dietary habits. Look, we are
all creatures of habit and we tend to, if we’re honest with ourselves, eat the same
things over and over and over again. As a result, if that’s the case for you,
you are going to be missing out on something. You will be deficient in
something, so it’s critically important that you supplement in conjunction with
a healthy diet. Now again, I’ve always say this, I think almost in
every episode, at least it feels like it anyway, that you can’t out supplement a
poor diet. supplements are a compliment to a healthy diet and a
healthy fitness program, but together– wow, they create a powerful one-two-three
punch. So, be honest with your own dietary habits, and ask yourself, “Am I tending to
eat the same things over and over again?” Most of us do. #8: nutrition isn’t what
it used to be. Look, we all know depleted soils is a big problem. The minerals
aren’t there the way that they used to the pesticides and the pollution are making
farming practices more difficult, not to mention farming practices are changing
and evolving to meet ever greater consumer demands, GMOs is a prime example,
and as a result, the nutrition just isn’t what it used to be. Again, like I said,
I don’t always have the ability to get organic food in every single day. I look
for it every opportunity that I have, but it’s not always the case. Even if I
am getting in those six to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day, I’m still
supplementing. Here’s a beautiful thing about supplements: you can’t
overdose on them like you can on prescription medications. #7: longer transit
times. Look, it’s taking longer and longer to get the foods to market to getting it
into your pantry into your refrigerator ending to obviously your home and the
longer that transit time takes, those fruits and those vegetables and the
benefits thereof start to decline. #6: You eat a standard American diet. Oh this is
a big one. This is one that I just ask again that you be honest with
yourself. Statistics show that the average American diet is as high as
80% in processed food, that’s empty calories that make you
nutritionally bankrupt, if that’s the case for you. Leaving your body starving
for nutrition, resulting in you tending to overeat, leading to obesity and weight
gain, and then oxidative stress, inflammation, and then as a result, you
have nothing to counter the inflammation, disease process starts to withhold or
starts to manifest itself and unfortunately, ill health then
unfortunately comes with it. #5: Non-organic or grain-fed foods.
We always try to buy organic wherever we can and I’d say we’re
probably nine out of ten times we’re buying organic. Again, not all the time,
but do the best that you can, because you don’t want to be consuming the
pesticides and the pollution and the toxins that come with it,
not to mention GMO, which is genetically modified foods, is a big problem today,
not to mention the grain fed foods that so many of our animals are consuming.
That grain fat is also genetically modified, which causes ill effects in
the animals that you may be eating of the meat that you may be eating I should
say, that that was not nice to say, but you know what I mean, and so as a result,
you’re then consuming them too and they create inflammation in the body, not to
mention, I recently read that 80% of today’s antibiotic
prescriptions are given to animals, which means that we are then consuming them if
we’re not buying that organic or grass-fed, pasture-raised, you
know eggs or grass-fed meat, so always do the best you can, it’s worth the extra
money. I drive an extra 10-15 minutes just
to go buy that where there’s a grocery store closer to me, but I go to the one
further away because they have a great selection of grass-fed meat and pasture
raised chicken and eggs and things that I like to enjoy. I feel that’s as close
to farm-to-table as it can, and it’s worth the extra expense, and it’s worth
the extra drive. Why? Have you ever priced out how
much it costs to treat cancer or heart disease, or have bypass surgery? Those are
quite expensive and far more than the extra effort, maybe a few bucks, to get
the health and nutrition that you need. #4: Nutrient absorption declines
as we age. There’s numerous different factors that affect that and one of our
supplements here at Kyäni really helps you with that and that is our Nitro FX
and Nitro Xtreme, which is a powerful way of helping to
boost the body’s ability to create nitric oxide, which helps increase
mesenteric blood flow to the intestines, where nutrient absorption actually
occurs is what we call, “The Power of Nitro Nutrition.” #3: Exercise increases
nutrient needs. You’re healthy for a reason, you’re exercising a regular basis, you
know I know I’m out there, I’m mountain biking, I’m jet skiing, I’m waterskiing,
I’m working out in the gym, and I’m playing with the kids, playing
football with my son, and I lead a very active lifestyle for a forty eight-year-old and
I want to continue that, and as a result of the stress that we put on our body
through fitness, free radical production, the body is thirsty and it’s hungry for
great nutrition. The way that I kind of liken it is that, you’re a Ferrari, and a lot
of us are just basically pulling up to your local Arco gas station and not
giving it the fuel that it needs because why? It’s the cheapest, it’s the easiest
thing to do rather than putting that high-octane race fuel, which I call great
nutrition, your fruits and your vegetables, and organic sources and
grass-fed meat and beef, and even if you’re vegan, there’s plenty of other
ways that you can get your protein in as well. If you’re vegan, B12 is going to
be a very important supplement for you, so it’s very important that you look at
supplementation, because of the extra demand that nutrient needs cause.
#2: Reducing oxidative stress. This is a big one. We all produce this ugly
molecule known as a free radical. Now what is a free radical? Well it’s an
incomplete molecule that’s missing an electron. Think of it like an angry
pac-man, floating through your body, gobbling up your healthy cells, your
tissue, and your DNA, and as a result, it has been linked to cardiovascular
disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cognitive disorders, memory problems,
inflammation, arthritis, and 90 other plus degenerative diseases and
it’s a byproduct of simply just breathing. If you’re not consuming
the six to ten servings of fruits of vegetables a day, where
are you getting the antioxidants that your body so desperately needs to
counter the negative effects of these free radicals? So it’s very important
that you help maintain and manage this oxidative stress that we all have in our
life, so that you can maintain the health that you enjoy. My #1 reason,
look, health is not a destination. Be wary of complacency. Complacency is the enemy
of success and it is also the enemy of your health. It’s not a destination, it is
something that we must work at each and every single day. Every day we make
choices that improve our ability to be healthy, keep us that status quo, or take
us in the opposite direction. Choose wisely, and know that when you compliment
your nutritional efforts and your fitness efforts with a well laid out,
thought-out supplementation program like the Triangle of Health that gives you the
complete water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidants, the most bioavailable form
of vitamin E and tocotrienols, in conjunction with the nitrates that help
you produce the nitric oxide to maintain the 33,000 miles of blood vessels you
have in your body, you’re giving your body the foundational tools to be able
to enjoy that homeostatic balance that we are all designed to have when we give
the body the tools that it needs to express optimum health. Post your
questions and your comments below, and I’ll see you again
in another episode.