KIND snacks: Delicious Healthy Snacks & Breakfast Bars

Hi. We’re KIND, as in, that’s our
name, but also who we are. Which begs the question, why kind? Well, we’re kind to
your taste buds, which is really just another way of
saying that KIND bars taste amazing, and they really do. But we’re also kind because of
what every KIND bar is made from. Ingredients you can see
and pronounce, as in, literally see, right
there through the package. Like the chunks of whole almonds
and coconut in this, wait for it, almond and coconut KIND bar. There are seven different
kinds of KIND snacks out there, waiting to be enjoyed by kind
people like yourself, all gluten-free and made with no genetically
engineered ingredients. There’s KIND fruit and nut bars,
packed with real fruit and whole nuts. KIND nuts and spices bars,
with whole nuts and spices, all with five grams of sugar or less. STRONG & KIND bars, with savory, spicy,
bold flavors, like roasted jalapeno, and some extra protein for
more active lifestyles. KIND PLUS bars, the fruits and nuts
you love with a little something extra, like antioxidants and fiber. KIND breakfast bars, soft
baked with a crispy outside, and at least 19 grams of whole
grains, including five super grains. KIND healthy grains, the
square ones, sort of. They’re delicious, and also
made with five super grains. And last but no less
kind, KIND healthy grains clusters, small crunchy clusters made
with, that’s right, five super grains. Eat them by the handful or sprinkle them
on things like bowls of milk or yogurt or right into your mouth. So that’s pretty much the gist. We’d love for you to give
one to try, or all of them. Just add them to your cart. Do the kind thing for your body,
your taste buds, and your world. [MUSIC PLAYING]