Kid-Friendly Kosher for Passover Foods COLLAB (Healthy Snacks, Lunches + Lunchbox Ideas)

it’s snack time welcome everyone I’m
Melissa from little kosher lunch and Passover is fast approaching you and
your children need not suffer as much as you might have in the past because I
have a whole selection a huge spread I’ve emptied my refrigerator to show you
some real whole foods that are also kosher for Passover and really enticing
for you and your family this is a collab video organized by Cheder at home every
day Jewish mom life to the fullest there might be some others added in there so
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channel and have come over from one of theirs welcome thank you so much for
joining me today and I hope that you like these ideas so let’s get started
before we begin Passover is really approaching I just got my PJ library
Hagaddah which I’m very excited about let me know
if you ordered or got these in the mail I’m super pumped that mine have arrived
and there’s also that Mrs. Maisel Hagaddah that just came out in case you
watch mrs. Maisel like I do we’re gonna talk about non meat
non dairy snacks first so Parve snacks for those of you who keep kosher and
then we’re gonna move on to dairy snacks and then we’re gonna move on to meat
snacks and I have a few shortcuts for you so stay with me I wanted to
illustrate for you on this completely vegan tray this is a platter of things
that I might serve my family for this upcoming Passover and this is actually a
tray I’m gonna feed my family today so my family is into this these are
whole foods and healthy foods for those of you who are used to buying
prepackaged or pre-made foods that are kosher her Passover I will say this is
maybe not that much cheaper because produce is expensive but I think it’s
healthier for you so things like a whole steamed artichoke a cut grapefruit that
you can then cut up and sort of prep for your kids to enjoy fresh berries I just
rinsed and put them on the platter fresh grape tomatoes a carrot that I cut up
baby bell peppers I have cut these in half and scooped them and these will
discuss in a moment for what you might add to that halved avocados these had some
brown spots I removed but you could put a salad dressing
lemon juice a dip of some kind or even a protein like a tuna salad into an
avocado then I also have a few little endive spears and they’re a nice scooper
for you to have on hand I mentioned in my meal planning video about doing like
a real ambrosia salad it’s kind of a throwback if you like it this way you
can sprinkle or let your kids sprinkle a little bit of shredded coconut on the
top it’s sort of snowy and festive looking and this or a fruit salad is
another vegan Parve healthy kosher for Passover snack that I might put in say a
lunchbox I also have other fruits that I’m just gonna be keeping on hand in the
house any fruits that your kids enjoy are a good healthy choice and especially
easy if they can just grab it and eat it themselves moving on to one of my
favorite foods is deviled eggs and I know that eggs are featured in a lot of
people’s menus and meal plans for the Passover holiday or for Easter for that
matter chickens they start laying more in the spring and so eggs are a sign of
spring they’re also really healthy snack and a great way to get protein into your
system I have already piped half of my deviled eggs this is a great food for
kids for several reasons one is they’re appealing looking they’re easy to eat
with your hands secondly just with my two-year-old
daughter she mixed up and mashed the yolks for me and these yellow ones are
just egg yolk and mayonnaise and if you’re very strict with your kashrut
for Passover you can get the kosher for Passover mayonnaise or you can make your
own with olive oil I did another batch and I tinted some of it with tumeric
and I’m gonna pipe that in you can spoon this in that’s no big deal
either but I’m just gonna pipe in a colored egg yolk mixture so that’s a
deep yellow with the tumeric you could use curry powder you could tint this
using spinach or an herb mixture that your family likes so this is really fun
if you have older children you can just give it to them and let them
do it this is sort of a crazy leaf tip but but wait there’s more so now that
we’ve gotten that into our our eggs and you can prep these in advance I like to
garnish them and you can let your children do this too if you think they’d
enjoy it for my traditional deviled eggs I might put like a sliced cornichon or a
little pickle on top you can use olives I traditionally like to put a
sprinkling of paprika on my deviled egg so they get a little dusting and they’re
really beautiful I kind of ran with that Indian theme and I got out my mango
chutney and you can combine and do sort of like a sweet and tangy topping on
these eggs so let’s go on top that one’s mine and this one’s mine on a whole
platter of eggs you could do all of them differently you could do all of them the
same you do them to taste for your family but I mean there could be an
entire cookbook devoted just to deviled eggs my mouth is watering I have a fish
platter for you over here you could use these cute little shaped matzo crackers
and my two-year-old would just love this she would love this and you can do all
the toppings – so sliced onion keeper’s tomatoes do it the way you like tuna
salad salmon salad this stuff’s nicely into a tomato cup
like I showed you in last year’s lunch box video for Passover stuff it into a
little pepper stuff it into a cucumber and here’s a nice trick I do lunch boxes
with these beautiful Japanese cucumbers a kid can do this for you so it’s a nice
sort of kitchen activity to teach your child a skill and let them make
something beautiful I use a veggie peeler and I just peel it so it has
stripes and then I cut my ends off so I take the small end of my melon baller
and I just scoop out a little cup to make a cucumber cup these are really
elegant for a cocktail party honestly happy hour for children this is cool
appetizer food party food buffet food people coming over for a playdate the
kids could do this or I do this one I’m packing lunches in the morning you could
put the smoked salmon with some cream cheese if you’re doing a dairy menu and
I made it easy and I actually treated myself to tuna salad from the deli I cut
up a zucchini just to show that anything can be your holder for your tuna salad
salmon salad lox whatever I wanted to talk about some dairy this is more of
like a cheese and fruit and nut platter idea and I really am into this fig jam
there’s several different ones that I like but fig jam with goat cheese or
white soft cheese could be so delicious on crackers put the cheese on put a
little Jam on and do a platter already assembled if you wanted to really spoil
your guests my big girl really loves dates so dates and other dried fruits
like the raisins that I’ve put out are really healthy
they really combat that like stereotypical constipation that Jewish
people eating too much matzah might experience of our Passover so consider
really pushing the healthy whole foods like I’m showing you here Ajvar — this
is a vegetable dip that would remind you of like a pimento dip eggplant dip I
love these neutral vegan dips this one has a lot of kick it’s very vinegary and
sweet and tangy I could just slather this all over matzah and eat it and be
happy or slather it on my matzah with a fried egg in the morning over here I
picked up chopped liver at the deli thinly sliced red onion chopped liver
and matzah to me is a match made in Jewish heaven so I know that you may not
think of kids enjoying this but put it out when you’re entertaining or for
yourself if you enjoy it and give your kids access to at least look at it
curried chicken salad one of my favorite things put it in a big tomato for
lunchtime it’s gonna be a healthy way to enjoy your Passover without bread
necessarily I like to make a chicken satay I will link below the recipe that
I use for marinating my meat but I have made this chicken satay for my kids who
love eating meat on a stick it’s like kabob it’s already cut into pieces
and safe for them to help themselves to you could pair with a salad or veggies
or whatever sort of starch you’re eating over Passover consider putting a
meatball made with matzah meal on a stick and grilling it meat on a stick now for
dessert or a sweet afternoon treat I wanted just to mention this new cake
that I discovered right here behold this is an almond orange cake it can be made
with cardamom that I recently recipe tested for red velvet NYC shameless plug
it’s a very hip subscription dessert box owned by my close girlfriend and I’m gonna link below in case you were looking for a new healthier more upscale kosher
for Passover dessert gluten-free flour free oil free dairy free with this
dessert kit you get all of the pre measured ingredients to make this
beautiful almond meal cake made with tons of egg whites you candy an orange
and then you can top your cake with the orange slices and the sauce in the 12
hours since I filmed my meal planning video we’ve eaten half the cake and it’s
just us at home right now so this cake is absolutely delicious consider
looking at red velvet they’re not kosher certified but they are ingredient style
kosher and kosher for Passover so thank you so much for joining me today as you
can tell I like dripping with saliva after filming this video for you I’m
super hungry I would love to hear from you down below what tips you have eight
days of Passover is a long time to be feeding and entertaining your kids
especially if they’re home on break but I think that these are some healthy good
doable options I can’t wait to eat this so we’re gonna say goodbye now but I
look forward to seeing you back here on my channel again soon take care