Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center at Colorado State University

(calm music) – My name is Shelby Cox and I am a registered
dietitian nutritionist at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center. The nutrition center offers
a huge variety of services so anywhere from individual
nutrition counseling to cooking classes that are hands-on getting people in the kitchen. We also provide presentations
out in the community and here on campus and we work
with students here as well in order to get them experience as up and coming nutrition professionals. – So being a full service nutrition center we have the capacity to
serve any nutrition need whether it’s a client
who is just generally interested in healthy eating,
wanting to get back on track. We also serve clients looking
for weight management, weight loss, tips for gaining weight. We do sports nutrition. We work with clients who have
disordered eating patterns, disease prevention, cancer
prevention, heart health, gastrointestinal health,
pre-diabetes, diabetes management. We truly can serve
clients that have varying nutrition needs across the whole spectrum. – I actually participated
in the diabetes programs. Two of them so far and
they’ve been very helpful. I was encouraged by my
doctor to do some classes and Commitment to Campus
was very helpful in offering some of the classes at
discount and so I thought this was the best for
me here and it was great to get to know the instructors
here or the nutritionists and they’ve been very very helpful to me. – Often when people think
about nutrition services seeing a dietitian they
have this misconception that they’re gonna go in
and get handed a diet plan rules and rigidity and
I think that nutrition is so much more than that. We look at even the minute
details of someone’s diet making it work for them
whether it be you know macronutrient composition or it might be the amount of calories they
need but really looking at the role that food plays in their life and making it a more holistic
intuitive type of approach that is really not the first
thing that people think about when they think about
food and their health. They think what should I eliminate? What things should I cut out? And instead we talk about
trying to trust your body be attuned to the way that you eat and the way that you feel
and it is a much more wellness lifestyle-focused approach and that’s what we do differently here at the nutrition center.