Jiu Jitsu Nutrition Intro

well so when I started he did – which
was about three years ago I was noticing how fatigued and tired I was after then
I was having what’s kind of trouble keeping up with you my hands were
hurting and just I was overall just kind of fatigued yeah didn’t have a whole lot
of energy – you know when I’d go pick you up from school and then play with
you afterwards I was catching myself pretty tired so I contacted my doctor
who is now my business partner in jiu-jitsu nutrition Dr. Didrik J Sopler
and told him you know what was going on it was just kind of fatigued after
training so hard he recommended a couple formulas that he had pick you up from
school and that that’s was a major difference it’s raining really hard and we had a
good dad same time quality supplements there’s a lot of junk out there so we
ate something that was backed by a lot of research dr. Sadler’s recommend
Evelina still likes to drink really hard for hours a day to take digital
attrition our supplements really changed my hands don’t hurt anymore my back
doesn’t hurt anymore I am able to have stamina throughout the day and anybody
that strength trains really hard can benefit from those yeah yeah cuz I want
to be able to be a good daddy yeah and they also we also have a really good
kids vitamin that should be AMV that’s right what do you think of that it it’s
really good it it it tastes like orange it tastes like orange yep
it’s pretty tasty it’s a chewable and it’s kids safe so we both both of us
take that every day three times a day