Is Almond Milk Good For Candida?

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand. Author of Candida Crusher and also the formulator of the Canxida range of dietary
supplements. Thanks for checking out my video. I’m going to talk today about almond milk.
Is almond milk good on the Candida diet? Yes, it is. Providing it’s sugar free.
Don’t buy commercial almond milks or, in fact, any kind of nut milk until you read the label
on the package because a lot of them contain sugars. If not white sugar, they’ll contain
refined sugars. So look at the primary ingredient. It will often be like water and then it might
say sugar. If it contains sugar, just put it back on the shelf. Make your own almond
milk. It’s very simple to do. Get about 20 almonds, the ones with the brown
skins on them, put them in a container and put about a cup of water on there and just
run them through the juicer. I’ve got a Vitamix in my kitchen. I love it. I use it all the
time. Put 20 almonds there with say a cup to a cup and a half of water and just run
it through the Vitamix for about 60 seconds and that will turn into a nice white sort
of creamy milk. It’s very tasty. You can put a pinch of xylitol in there if you want, but
I wouldn’t do that. Xylitol and stevia are recommended by some people to have on the
Candida diet, you want to pull those out as much as you can.
Cashew, if you’ve got organic cashews, you can make a cashew milk as well. That almond
milk recipe I mentioned to you tastes very nice. Another good tip for you with the almond
milk is to put a couple drops of 100 percent pure vanilla extract. Even though it’s an
alcohol, if you put one or two drops in there, you’re going to be fine. It will give it a
heavenly smell and flavor having that in there. Another way you can do with almonds that I
found is a neat trick. Get coconut milk or water and then throw that in the Vitamix and
put your 20 almonds in with the coconut water. Coconut cream is a bit heavy and if you use
the coconut milk, thin it down with a bit of pure water. It’s got a very nice almond
coconut flavor about it, which gives you an antifungal trick. Instead of just the almond
milk, you can have a coconut almond milk. It’s very tasty. And that’s what I’ll sometimes
have on my cereal in the morning is just make a coconut almond milk. You can also try the
coconut cashew milk. Very tasty. Macadamia milk is quite nice, too. There are different
nut milks you can make up. Nuts not to use preferably on a Candida diet are pistachios
and peanuts, so keep away from those two nuts. But many other nuts are fine. Another thing
is be aware of the rancidity of nuts because a lot of nuts you buy are not fresh. They’re
actually rancid and you can taste that and smell it sometimes, too.
Almonds are a fantastic source of calcium. They’re really high in calcium. They’ve got
a lot of magnesium in them. Almonds have got zinc in them and many other beneficial minerals.
They’re an alkaline nut. They’re very healthy to eat, particularly good calcium substitute
if you’re going to take cow’s milk out of your diet. Almonds are great to have and also
sesame seeds are another very high calcium containing food.
I’ll give almond milk the thumbs up on the Candida diet. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t
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