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Whaaaat?! Many things are happening in my mouth. Have you ever been to Japan? No, not in person. You? How much do you know about Japanese snacks? Nothing, actually. I am excited! Let’s do this. Oh my god! Finally! Yes! What flavour is this? Aww, apple!
Apple, what? And Kit Kat! What did you say “aww” to? Apple? She thought this was an apple. Let me read the ingredients. Nothing we can read! There is literally just one flavour of Kit Kat in India, and that is so unfair! We should have biryani flavoured Kit Kat, chhole bhature Kit Kat, Maggi flavoured Kit Kat, pani puri flavoured Kit Kat, vada pav flavoured Kit Kat, sambar flavoured Kit Kat. It’s literally Appy Fizz covered in chocolate. Oh my god, it’s so good! It has a weird, smokey kind of a flavour. Many things are happening in my mouth. I wish it were more apple-y. I’m into it. It’s a – It’s an octopus. Ooh, this looks like, you know those chillies you get? Which your mom puts in a fodni? We have a dish called sukat in Maharashtrian food. It smells like sukat. Dude, I love it. It’s not even fully inside and I love it. It’s less fishy, and more meaty. It’s like sour chewing gum from the ocean. Definitely seafood… Can I have some water? The best way to eat it is to, like, suck the juice out of it. I’m scared of a lot of things in life, ’til I put them in my mouth. It’s very colourful. It’s called Every Burger. That’s the first thing we were able to read! Aww! They are so cute! I was scared this was gonna be gummy, but this is actually a mini burger biscuit. Oh my god, it’s so good. It has some kind of chocolate here. I see a very thin layer of white chocolate. Is that supposed to be cheese? There’s actual sesame on these buns. Hey, there’s a Maharaja Mac! All the textures…. Mmmmm…. The “kudum kudum”… and the softness of the chocolate… Mmmmm… Oh my god! *screaming* You got actual fish! You can’t just bring actual fish! Guys, nooo. It smells like Versova. I’m ready.
Yaar, we get this at home. I don’t like it. They still have eyes on them. Dude, I’ve never had fish like this in my life, bro. Woah, the eye popped out. Where did it go?
I have had dried fish before, but not in this format. One…
One… Abbey, eat it. You went on One. How is it? *sound of immediate regret* I think I just bit an eye. You eat first. Oh! The head is so much crunchier than the rest of the body. So much more flavour. *also dying* I bit into the eye! How is it? It’s fine. Doesn’t taste of anything. I don’t like it. I personally don’t like the scaly texture. It’s pretty tasty… but then you hear some crunches while you’re having it… *imitates eyeballs crunching* Like, oh my GOD! We’re fish eaters, so it’s not a big deal.
We’re fish eaters, so I’m used it. It looks so pretty. And it’s called Kracie. This is the DIY snack which you have to make. See, like there’s instructions!
What?! You have to do some science. What are we adding? One… spoon. That’s Kracie! Mix the orange packet into the base with some water. Pour it like… *Shreya being Shreya* Now we stir, and then we put the pink powder. Ooh, now it looks like grape. Put the sprinkles. They’re like clear crystals. It smells like Apsara. You know those Apsara erasers? Yeah, it’s got mad childhood vibes. It’s so fluffy now! It looks like a melted marshmallow.
Oh, yeah, it does. It’s so gooood! Have fun… It has the grapey flavour, the sprinkles add a nice candy crunch to it, but it tastes very bitter. Mm, it’s so tangy. It’s extremely sour. I would love it if this was slightly more sweet. It’s very sweet. It’s giving me a toothpaste feeling, but without the coldness of toothpaste. I really enjoyed the creation process. Sometimes… you don’t want to consume your own art. You go, dude, you go. Follow your heart. Hello, diabetes? It’s for you. It’s a really angry man praying. It’s an angry meatball. I love this smell. It smells fishy. It’s very sour. This tastes like kokam. But it’s so tangy. I can totally put this in my dal. I like it. It’s very addictive. It’s very sour. What is this exactly? Producer: Frog brain. Whaaaat?! Why are you going for more?! Because it’s so good, Shreya! IT’S FROG BRAIN! Why does frog brain taste like… amla? I feel so bad right now… like, frogs are already so tiny and struggling to survive and we’re just like, eating their brain…. Ooh, can I do it from my phone – the translation? Plum! It says plum. Producer: It’s dried plum. I told you it was a dried berry! Dhruv! Why are you playing with my feelings? Plums are great. Dried plums, even better. I don’t know what this was. I just want to ask you one thing. Is this Japanese padwal? Ooh, smooth! Soft! Bendy! Are you okay if I twist it? It’s chikki. Japanese chikki. *Shreya being Shreya again* Hey, it looks like aam papad! Let’s tear it down the middle, like our friendship. *Damn, Shayan* I love this. This is so good. Ew, I don’t love this. It’s not fish. Is it fish? Fish flavour just hit. I want to keep licking it. Now I’m getting all the flavour and it’s like, woaaah. Kurkure! Japanese Kurkure! This is the only snack I refuse to share with Deeksha. There’s another packet! Oh, they smell very, like, Peppy. Look at how the packet is full of them! Like the ratio of air versus crisps. I thought this was the first time you were opening a chips packet, and you were like, “This is full of chips! What?!” It’s like someone took butter garlic prawns, made a concentrate of it, and then doused the chips. I really like it. I like it better than Kurkure. I can move to Japan for this… Then go. Keep the Kurkure here and go. I can’t really taste the shrimp here. It’s so crunchy, I love it. *Shreya being Shreya part 4 of 204820* This tastes like something I had in my Bengali childhood, but I can’t remember what. Can I call my mom in the middle of the video or what? “Hello, ma?” *Very long conversation about Bengali food, thank you, aunty* What is it? “Mudi.” What is “mudi”?? He’s the Prime Minister of our country! Yuzu matcha! I don’t like matcha Kit Kat. I don’t know what matcha is. Or is it called… *Shreya’s nonsense* What’s yuzu?
It’s a citrus fruit. Cirtus is always great. Right, guys? It smells so fresh. *What kind of deranged human eats a Kit Kat like this* Mmmm… WOW. This is so citrus-y, it’s like, choking on a lime. It’s definitely not something you would expect from a Kit Kat. Yuzu.. It’s got a lemony taste, but… *something something flavour something* This is not MasterChef. It’s really, like, thick. And soft. And hard. ………. This is probably the best Kit Kat I’ve ever had. No, I’m still with Indian Kit Kat. Mr. Nestle, You smashed it out of the park with this one. It was quite a… Kracie… *not over this joke yet* These are all like, acquired tastes. I want to have Every Burger for the rest of my life. Now if we ever travel to Japan, we know what we like. Japan, I’m gonna be coming to you. Huge shout out to Keijiro and all the people at BuzzFeed Japan. Don’t forget to subscribe to BuzzFeed India. If you do it right now, we’ll eat this sardine. I’ll give you 3 seconds. You did it? Okay, 1..2..3… Again you’ve done the same thing!