Improving Health with Nutrition : Natural Hypertension Treatments

In this clip we are going to talk about hypertension
which is high blood pressure. Do you have high blood pressure? If so there are some
simple nutritional strategies that you can implement to reduce your blood pressure and
get your blood flow incredibly healthy. Some of the easiest things that you can do are
to substitute the salt that you keep at home and the salt that you add to your food with
sea salt and I have got a great sea salt here and this is a huge bag and this is a rough
sea salt but it is celtic sea salt and it is filled with, you can see it is gray in
color, and it is filled with that gray color which is indicative of all the minerals that
are in the sea salt so that is one of the best and easiest things that you can do and
other things for high blood pressure are to add a mineral supplement to your day so magnesium
is probably the most important to relax your vessels and I have got a great magnesium supplement
here too that I use called magnesium glycinate which is one of the mot available forms of
magnesium and other things that you can do too are to eliminate processed foods and focus
on whole natural foods.