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– Hey everyone, welcome
back to my channel. Today I’ll be starting a
new series on this channel where I eat like a different
YouTuber for a day. Today I’m gonna be eating
like Simnett Nutrition. I’ve been following Derek
now for probably a little bit over a year. He’s really helped me a lot
when I first turned vegan. He’s one of the guys I
kind of like looked up to especially with all his workouts and the food he eats every single day. So this has kind of been
something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. So obviously, I had to
pick him for my first one. If there’s any other
YouTubers that you want me to do next, just be sure to leave it in the comments section down below. So I went to Simnett Nutrition’s page and found his most popular
What I Eat In A Day video and I’m going to try and
emulate everything he does from what he eats to when
he eats to even his workouts which should be interesting because he’s a calisthenics
athlete and I am, I am not. I don’t do that stuff. So, this should be interesting. I’m super excited about it. Alright, so let’s get into this. (gentle rock music) So this is actually the first time I’ve ever had warm lemon water in the morning. I’ve seen like a ton of videos on it and like the benefits, but
like who has time for that every single morning? So I mean, I guess we’ll see. Maybe I’ll turn this into a series if I try this for a month or something. Who knows? Okay, so next he says that
we should soak our buck week, our buckwheat, not the Harry
Potter character, okay, in water for a couple hours to get rid of some of the slime and stuff like that. I’ve never cooked with buckwheat. I’ve had it once and it
was buckwheat pancakes and I hated them so I
just never had them again. So this should be interesting and it’s obviously the
whole grain version of it. So hopefully that’s better. We’re about to find out. I’ve never made it
before in my entire life. Okay, I just did a little wardrobe change. Heading to the gym to workout real quick. Simnett talks about using
a pre-workout in his video. I don’t have the same pre-workout. I don’t really use
pre-workouts, but I have BCA’s and this thing called Real
Energy from TDF Sports, so I mean they’re basically the same, so I’m just gonna do that. (upbeat music) Alright, me and Joe, just
finishing up our workout. Well, I mean we tried. We tried our best. (laughs) I don’t know, I don’t know
how you do that Derek, man. That’s some crazy stuff right there. But like, now I’m determined. We were both talking about it, like we’re determined to
like get better at this because we were like so
upset we couldn’t do it. Yeah, I mean like we were devastated. So I mean like it gave
us some new workouts. I was pretty surprised. When I was watching, when I
was watching Derek do this on his, I was just like,
yeah there’s not a chance. I am 225 pounds, like not
a chance I’m doing this. But I was surprised. I was able to hold for
like one or two seconds, which I mean, all in all,
not terrible, not terrible. But definitely needs improvement. I’d just like to point
out my gym swag for today. Cut off sweat pant shorts,
cut off sweater, old hat. No one’s got better swag
in the game than me. Alright, just getting back
from the gym right now. Time to make this post-workout smoothie. It’s pretty different
from my regular smoothies that I usually just use a lot of like mixed berries and fruit. Derek uses six bananas. He is the banana king I guess. So should be an interesting smoothie. You used to do gymnastics? – No, not me. I was there, but I’m not
one of the good guys. There’s guys that would, they
would hold their body weight up with one hand. – [John] Can you do that? – No I can’t. – [John] Show me. – Yeah, I’ll show you here. Here’s one hand right like that. – [John] Oh, you’re funny. – I’m holding it up like that. – [John] Yeah, you got jokes today, eh? – (mumbles) – Dad jokes, hashtag dad jokes. (upbeat music) So my blender was not big enough so I couldn’t put spinach in it. And it’s also smoking right
now, so that’s super cool. Bottom’s up, I guess. Can definitely taste the tumeric. I think I put a little bit too much in. Other than that, it’s good. Really banana-y. Alright, just finished up my smoothie. It was delicious and very
banana-y, but still delicious. I’m gonna shower quick
because I stink from the gym and I’m gonna take Bone to
burn off some of his energy because he is a menace today. Want to go for a walk? Oh, yeah, you’re excited. This weather in Canada
right has been crazy. In my last episode, I talked
about how it was negative 20. Today, I’m in my sweatshirt rolled up because it’s like at least plus five. Global warming is a thing. Bone’s freaking out because I’m on top of a hay bale right now. He doesn’t like it at all. So Bone just basically
ran himself into a coma and just like lied down. Today it took me about 33
minutes to get him onto the leash so we did not make progress today. We kind of backtracked a little bit, but we’ll keep working on it. (laughs) Dad goals, the ultimate dad. Buckwheat that’s been
soaking in water all day. The water really does turn pink. It’s actually pretty crazy. (upbeat music) Okay, so I do have to admit I strayed off of the path a little bit. I am eating an apple, an extra apple that Derek did not have in his episode, but it’s like really small, like look how small this apple is. So I don’t really think that counts. I’m just really craving
an apple right now. But that’s the only thing,
that’s the only thing I’ve done. (upbeat music) Okay, so it’s all prepared. Do you just like eat it
like oatmeal I guess? So like I said before, I’ve
never had buckwheat before. So all of you get to experience my first buckwheat experience with me. So exciting, although I
might hate it and throw up. So let’s hope that doesn’t happen because that would be terrible. Okay, I’m gonna try and
get like one of everything into my first bite. It’s basically oatmeal, a
little bit grainier taste. Would make again,
definitely would make again. Alright, I am going to eat this and continue editing
another one of my videos. (upbeat music) Alright, so I’m almost done eating this. It was actually unreal, very delicious. And I was doing some research
while I was actually eating and a lot of people switch
out their oats for buckwheat because it’s a lot more
nutritionally dense. So I think I might have to do that especially because it was delicious. I loved it. Alright, so it’s nighttime now. It’s been a couple hours since I ate last. You can kind of tell it’s
dark outside now obviously. Oh, is my speaker on? Yeah, it’s on. So, I’m gonna eat my last meal
of the day that Derek made. It’s like a lentil, veggie pile of food. I don’t even know what
you would really call it, but it does look amazing in his video. So I’m actually excited to try this. I’m trying sauerkraut for
the first time today as well. Really doing a lot of firsts
for today in this video. So actually Dad said he
wanted to try it as well, so that’ll be exciting to try sauerkraut. I honestly, I’ve been feeling great, like I haven’t crashed. You know a lot of times at like 3:00 p.m. you start kind of feeling
sleepy and stuff like that. It’s obviously well past
3:00 p.m. and I feel great. I haven’t had a crash,
I haven’t felt sluggish or anything like that. So I mean, we’ve been
eating whole foods all day and I mean, so far so good. Let’s see how this last meal goes. I’m gonna make you try
the sauerkraut first just in case you hate it. – Yeah, I don’t know, I’ve
always wondered about this. Mmm, mmm, mmm. That’s pretty good. It’s like sour coleslaw. – [John] Like Sour Patch Kids sour? Or like less sour than that? – No about like that, yeah. – You’re going for seconds
so it can’t be that bad. I feel like you’re just like lying to me to get me to try it. It’s gonna be awful. – [Dad] No, I’m still chewing on mine. – Okay, like it’s not terrible. It’s not terrible. It’s not the first thing
I would go for though. (upbeat music) For a former fat kid like myself and a fat kid at heart,
this is truly amazing. This bowl has like 700 calories in it, which isn’t a lot by any
means, especially for me with how much I workout. It’s just an absurd amount of food. Like this is gonna take
me a long time to eat. Like just look at this
bowl, like that’s insane. Okay, so it is technically
now the next day. I made a mistake while
filming my outro last night where I didn’t have my microphone on. I’m an idiot clearly, so I
have to refilm my outro now. I just realized as I
was editing the video. But, the points remain the same. I felt amazing all day yesterday and continue to feel amazing today. I had a ton of energy all day. A lot of the times, you know,
you experience like a crash at like 2:00 or 3:00 just because of you know the Circadian rhythms and everything like that,
but all day yesterday, I felt amazing and energized. I never felt sluggish. That was probably like
three or four pounds of veggies last night and
I honestly felt like I could have gone and
worked out right after it. I didn’t feel like I needed to take a nap. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t work out because there was too
much food in my stomach. It was, I was completely fine. I was full. I wasn’t like sickly full,
but I was definitely full. So all in all, yesterday
was a pretty awesome day. I’m super glad I followed
Derek in what he eats and what he does in a day. It was lot of fun. I learned a lot about
nutrition and calisthenics and body weight workouts
and things I definitely need to work on still. If you’re looking for meal ideas or you’re just looking for some
whole, healthy vegan foods, definitely go check out Derek and his page, Simnett Nutrition. He has lots of great ideas. He has tons of workouts, tons
of food that are all amazing. You know, I’ve tried a bunch of it now. Like I followed it all yesterday and it was a lot of fun. So definitely go check him out. I’ll link all his stuff in
the description down below. If you enjoy this, please
give it a big thumbs up and let know which YouTuber I
should do in the next episode. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss one of my episodes. And I’ll see you in the next one. Bye! (upbeat music)