How Life Roofing Uses Balance Claims to Recover Costs and Increase Profitability

(energetic electric guitar rock music) – It’s no secret, when you do a roof, let’s take an example of a pitch change. If you happen to miss the pitch and you’re working a steeper roof, then it’s no secret it’s
gonna slow your guys down. That incurs extra cost on our side. It incurs extra labor
that we have to deal with. Some companies will pay for
starter, other companies won’t. They include it in their
waste factor, others don’t. If you’re not capturing all of that, those are costs that
are actually going out. We’re expensing and we’re not recovering, so it just, it drops
straight to the bottom line. We didn’t even realize all the areas where we needed to supplement, until we started supplementing. And so from that standpoint, Balance Claims has taught us a lot about what we should be looking for. They’ve been a partner to us in saying, “Hey, when you’re out,
make sure you get pictures of your step flashing, or
make sure you get pictures, you know, of whatever it may be, so that we can help you recover that.” And once we’ve learned what we need to be going back after, it’s made a huge difference for sure. Once we began to take a hard look at it, and realized that, you know,
they missed a lot of things, whether it’s intentional or unintentional, there’s a lot of dollars on the back end that need to be recovered. Not just for our sake, but
for the sake of the homeowner. Once we realized that and started implementing supplementing, I think our average on
several hundred jobs, the second year averaged
about $2,800 per job. So you do the math, it turned
into a lot of money very fast.