Healthy Snacks that are TASTY | easy paleo recipes

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channel today I’m going to be sharing with you some delicious healthy snacks
that are satisfying made with good for you ingredients and are oh so delicious
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into it so this warm yogurt Bowl is basically my
twist on a fruit bottom yogurt you’re gonna need some frozen berries or any
kind of frozen fruit that you like you heat that up for a few minutes and then
mash it up with a fork and this basically creates that similar puree you
find on those fruit bottom yogurts I’m putting that on top of my coconut yogurt
and then I’m just going to swirl that in and the combination of the warm fruit
that’s kind of pureed and soft with the coconut yogurt feels so decadent super
filling because you have the yogurt which is gonna fill you up and then you
have a bit of sweetness from the fruit this is definitely one of my go-to
snacks and if you needed a little bit more you could always add on some green
free granola on top or some nuts next up is this Pizza toast
which you could definitely do with a gluten-free half bagel or any kind of
toast I’m adding in a little bit of tomato sauce on the top adding in some
leftover vegetables so in this case it was mushrooms it’s in fresh Brazil and
then I heat that up in the oven until it warms through and you basically have a
warm pizza next up we’re making blueberry doughnuts you can also make
these into muffins if you don’t have a doughnut mold so I’m using an egg some
almond milk as well as some monk fruit and I’m using this as a sweetener you
could also use coconut sugar a little bit of vanilla for flavor and then
you’re gonna whisk together all of the wet ingredients the great thing about
these is that they are freezer friendly so if you don’t finish them all within a
couple days or you don’t think you well I was addressed freezing them and then
you can just defrost them as needed so whisk in the coconut oil and then I’m
adding in almond flour which is great healthy fats loaded with fiber or
vitamin E and then some baking soda which is just gonna help them like Brys
and lovin into the donut I’m adding in some fresh blueberries you can add in
any kind of fruit you like you can do strawberry raspberry
whatever fruit you want inside your doughnuts or muffins so I’m using my
silicone mold which I find both for muffins and for doughnuts is a lot
easier because they pop out and you don’t have to worry about greasing them
so this made six of them for me and they would also make about six muffins you
bake those off and I will have the directions down below and then the
blueberries burst and they taste oh so delicious the perfect snack for
on-the-go or anytime really next up we’re making this creamy avocado dip so
I’m taking half of a ripe avocado and avocado is not only full of great
healthy fats but it’s actually really full of fiber which a lot of people
don’t know I’m adding and some dairy free cream cheese into the middle and
then I’m adding in some everything bagel seasoning and I sometimes eat it like
this just with the spoon but you can also pair it with crackers so these are
my favorite crackers right now like the flax cracker you can dip it into the
avocado and you’re gonna have this wonderfully filling snack and let’s be
honest the everything bagel seasoning is delicious lastly we’re making some
veggie chips so I’m using a radish but you can use a sweet potato here you
could use carrot zucchini but this is a great way to kind of diversify the
vegetables you’re using so I really encourage you to try different vegetable
like a radish or a sweet potato chip and to make them at home so you just need a
mandolin you slice that really thin and then I’m going to spray that with a
little bit of avocado oil and sprinkle on a little bit of Himalayan salt so it
really is super simple we then bake them in the oven at 400 for 12 minutes and
you get these wonderfully crunchy chips and like I said you could definitely
switch up the vegetable for basically anything that will mandolin you could do
beets too that would also have a really nice color and flavor so I hope this
gave you some healthy snack inspiration let me know what video you want next
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bye guys