Healthy Gushers Recipe! Homemade 90s Snack Ideas!

hey everyone so in this video we are
making the highly requested gushes recipe they turned out so good and so
let’s just go ahead and make them I’m starting off with raspberries which are
super high in antioxidants and they cancel out any free radicals and help to
neutralize them I’m microwaved some frozen ones and then
smash them down and then I’m gonna be adding in a gelatin which is just gonna
help everything kind of bind up a bit and the raspberries won’t be as runny so
that our filling is gusher II but still not too liquidy and then I’m going to
use blueberries for the blue raspberry and I love blueberries they help improve
your memory they decrease oxidative stress and then some pomegranate juice
which is great for digestion and I’m going to blend that up and then put that
over the stove on medium heat and we’re going to be adding in some gelatin which
is gonna help make them gush REE gelatin is so good for your digestive tract
lining it’s good for your joints and because it gels up you can think about
that doing in your body so it’s really good for your joints to keep it healthy
in your digestive tract you want to stir that until the gelatin is completely
dissolved and not to a boiling but just on medium heat then I’m using a mold
that I just found on Amazon but you can do any kind of mold that you have
already this was the closest one to like a diamond gusher that I found and I’m
using the dropper that it came with just to fill them up a little like halfway so
you want to make sure you leave room because we are going to be put our
filling and then some on the top as well so just fill all of those with your
liquid and you can definitely do a different fruit here you could do
strawberry you could do double raspberry you could do completely blueberry but I
really like like the blue raspberry with the blueberry and the raspberry I think
it’s a great kind of mix and then I’m taking the raspberry mixture and I’m
using make a plastic bag but I just put it in and cut a hole to just squeeze out
a little bit on to the top of each of that and then I’m gonna fill it up with
the rest of the mixture and you want to leave the first mixture in the fridge
for about 10 minutes before you put the raspberries so fill it in halfway fridge
for 10 minutes put the raspberries and then fill the top with the rest of the
blueberry or whatever the main part of your gummy mixture is going to be and
just fill those up to the top it’s actually quite easy to assemble so I was
pretty happy and then you want to leave it to chill for about 4 hours
just so that everything is completely solidified and then you just pop
and I didn’t alright guys so once that you pop your gushers out of the malt
they will look like this let’s have a taste test mmm I love the mixture of the
blue from the blueberry and the raspberry you definitely get that feel
without any of like the chemicals or fake sugars or anything and like I said
you can definitely switch up what fruit you use if you wanted you strawberry
raspberry dress raspberry just blueberry I mean they’re so yummy and they
definitely gush from the inside okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video if
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in my next video bye guys