Green mountain energy

Is Green Mountain Energy good?

Green Mountain Energy Customer Reviews

The best review categories for Green Mountain Energy are the order experience, rated at 2.2 out of 5, and their plans and pricing, rated at 2.1 of 5.

Who is Green Mountain Energy owned by?

NRG Energy, Inc.

What is the best Green Mountain Energy Plan?

4 Green Mountain Energy Rates & PlansPlan NamePlan LengthRateGreen Mountain Energy – Pollution Free e-Plus 36 Preferred36 Months$0.109/ kWhGreen Mountain Energy – Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred24 Months$0.110/ kWhGreen Mountain Energy – Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Preferred12 Months$0.111/ kWhЕщё 1 строка

Is Green Mountain Energy expensive?

Cost: Buying electricity generated from cleaner energy sources can be more expensive than buying energy from traditional energy sources such as coal or natural gas. Fees: Green Mountain Energy charges some additional fees, including a fee for opening an account and a fee for closing an account.

Is just energy a good company?

Just Energy Customer Reviews

The best review categories for Just Energy are their plans and pricing, rated at 1.9 out of 5, and their billing & account management system, rated at 1.9 of 5.

How do I cancel Green Mountain?

5. Cancellation: Customer Initiated Cancellation: You may cancel your Agreement to purchase electricity by providing 30 days advance notice. To cancel this Agreement, please call Green Mountain Energy Company at 1-800-286-5856.

Is green energy really green?

By definition, green electricity is produced exclusively from renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind power, hydraulic energy, biomass, geothermal energy, etc.). It may not be produced using fossil fuels or by nuclear power plants..

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What is the best renewable energy company?

Top 5 renewable energy companies

  1. Ecotricity. Let’s start with the one we’re all probably most familiar with. …
  2. Octopus. Like Ecotricity, Octopus are another 100% renewable energy company that invests back into sustainable tech. …
  3. Tonik Energy. …
  4. Good Energy. …
  5. Bulb.

How many customers does Green Mountain Power have?


How can I fix my electric bill?

To calculate your electric bill, you’ll need to figure the energy usage of each of the appliances and electronic devices in your home.

How to Calculate Your Electric Bill

  1. Multiply the device’s wattage by the number of hours the appliance is used per day.
  2. Divide by 1000.
  3. Multiply by your kWh rate.

Where is Green Mountain Energy located?

Austin, Texas

Who has the cheapest electric rates in Texas?

Compare electricity rates in TexasPlan NamePlan LengthRateFrontier Utilities – Best Value 1212 months$0.056 / kWhGexa Energy – Gexa Saver Deluxe 1212 months$0.056 / kWhPulse Power – Texas Saver 1212 months$0.056 / kWh4Change Energy – Maxx Saver 1212 months$0.066 / kWhЕщё 14 строк

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