Food Labels and More

A lot of packaged foods have nutrition labels.
Give us a quick lesson on what to look for. When you look at a nutrition label, like on
this box of crackers, you want to check the serving size to make sure it’s the amount
you plan to eat. In this case the number of crackers. Now check the grams of total carbohydrate,
and make sure that fits into your meal plan. Focus on the total carbohydrate number. That
number includes the amount of sugar in the food. Remember 15 grams of carbohydrate is
equal to one portion of starch. Now read the ingredient list, because sugar can be called
many different names. Stay away from foods that have these names listed in the first
four ingredients: those ending in –ose, such as sucrose and fructose, also corn syrup,
and natural sugars such as honey, molasses and brown or raw sugar.
Any other tips for buying or selecting which foods to eat?
When choosing from the starch group, choose high fiber foods such as whole wheat tortillas,
brown rice, whole grain breads, old-fashioned oatmeal and whole wheat pasta. High fiber
foods are filling and typically have more nutrients. They also take longer to break
down, which can reduce the rate at which your blood sugar rises. Eating foods that have
carbohydrate is important to ensure you have enough energy each day, just be careful of
the portions. You need to limit the amount of fruit you
eat to two to three portions a day. Fruit has good nutrients, but eating too much at
once could raise your blood sugar too high. What about suggestions for what to drink?
To stay well hydrated, it’s important to drink about eight cups of fluid a day. This can
include water, soup, non-caffeinated diet drinks and milk. Drinking too much milk at
one time can raise your blood sugar too much. Make sure you drink no more than one eight
ounce cup at a time. Drink-wise, it’s important to stay away from alcohol while you’re pregnant.
Drink only a moderate amount of caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and tea.
Any final thoughts? It’s really important that you don’t skip
meals or snacks. A lot of women find it easiest to plan their meals and snacks the night before.
And if you’re on the go, bring a cooler and ice with you so your food won’t spoil on the
road. Following a new meal plan can seem difficult at first, but once you get started it does
get easier. If you’re having trouble with the plan, ask your health care provider for
help. Many women say that they have more energy and feel better when following the meal plan.
Remember, when it comes to controlling your blood sugar, you’re the one who’s in charge,
and you can do it. I am confident you can do it.
My motivation to make all these changes and to stay with the meal plan was obviously the
baby inside. I wanted him to be healthy. I wanted me to be healthy. So following the
meal plan was pretty easy because, you know, you’ve got this little person, you know, depending
upon you. Don’t look at it as something that you have
to do. It’s something that you want to do. Even with all the concerns that you have about
how the baby’s going to turn out. Your body’s behaving differently. Uh, your emotional chart
is all over the place. Even with all that, the meal plan is completely do-able. The baby’s
health, my health actually became so much better with the meal plan.